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  1. Jo ann Makintosh says:


  2. Daniel Turner says:

    You take orders before, take money and the order the products. No
    investment, no risk! :)

  3. SarsecPally says:

    “This company is a scam, you should try my company instead.” Result, both
    MLMs owned by the same corp.

  4. gottabekiddingmemate says:

    Herbalife is a genuine opportunity for people who are motivated and
    committed to improving their situation whilst improving the health and
    wellbeing of customers. Have you even tried the products? It’s a shame that
    you have used another companies name in the title of you video, is your
    company so weak that you need to put others down to rise above. If you
    truly believed in what you are doing lose the Herbalife name and promote
    the company you actually know something about.

  5. Rusldalovemusl says:

    assist you in anyway I CAN to MAKE ME MONEY more like it. SCAM!

  6. ishudbesurfing says:

    @96clipse88 what’s your secret? I gave it about 6 months and most people I
    talked to rolled their eyes. I made all the warm calls possible, had a
    website, passed out flyers and brochures, handed out business cards, and
    sold nothing.

  7. nelson1470 says:

    You really have to be kinding? who in there right mind is giving you
    6000??? Sad. Do yourself a favor, go to toastmasters and get some type of
    training on how to talk on video.

  8. trenotl says:

    ??? ????? ??? ?????????? ???? ? ??????? ??????????…..?????????????….???
    ?? ???????? ??? ??? ??? HERBALIFE

  9. mrbeanlucky says:

    BullShjt man …!

  10. Alex Blake says:

    ja ja ja…. Too much of Joel Bauer in you Bro… Keep on trying ja ja

  11. Vincent Ong says:


  12. vokalfreak says:

    All MLMs are scams. Every one. No exceptions.

  13. BD L says:


  14. Marlene Deherrera says:

    u just wanna talk and talk and talk.. and this goes no were.. couldnt watch

  15. instantbeans1 says:

    wow this is kind of an old video. lol October 2008. Has he even been on

  16. Stephen Marshall says:

    Herbalife is the real thing. I just started using the products and I loved
    them so much that im now a independent distributor of herbalife nutritional
    products. These products will changed your life! checkout my website and
    see for yourself. In a week and a half I lost 8lbs and more importantly, I
    don’t feel tired all the time like I did before herbalife.

  17. TheAdultChild101 says:

    Total crap.

  18. Matt P says:

    I happen to be a Herbalife presidents team 20K and i gotta say its been
    worth the struggle. I went from being in section8 government housing to
    earning over 200,000 a year selling Herbalife. I gotta say its alot of
    work, its what you put into it. the work is worth the reward.

  19. GPVlog says:

    The product by itself is no different than any other high protein low carb
    diet. The MLM model of Herbalife only returns if you work your ass off and
    recruit more people to buy and sell the product. You cannot make profit
    buying it from your upper and selling it to a lower. You need many many
    people under you to start making money. So legitimate yes but its not a get
    rich quick setup unless you know 100 people who sign up under you on day

  20. Shekinah says:

    What did you do to make it work? All the steps they tell you to do? Or
    maybe you have some extra steps you did.

  21. buttaflyyepyep1 says:

    you are just using the Herbalife title for your own exposure. Find another
    marketing strategy. Epic Fail!

  22. Misha Kamersel says:

    Hi! I’m Matt.I did -35 lbs in two weeks.Go to

  23. allenpc says:

    This is a SPAM video!

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