Hello! I am excited about this blog posts, and I am going to show you the break down of the renovation costs for the two most recent rental properties. I was…

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  1. Bebe Horton says:

    My first time to see you. I am just getting started in Dallas investing
    but had not thought of doing low priced housing. Was concerned about how
    they would be taken care of. Anyway, Thanks for sharing! Bebe?

  2. Chckmte says:

    Lisa, do you allocate any funds for landscape on the properties? Danny?

  3. Chckmte says:

    Thank you Lisa – great video – it really helps me to see the numbers! Danny?

  4. Johnson Ejalu says:

    Congrats on engagement and REI…thanks for sharing your numbers. I came
    across you listening to the BP podcast and liked your genuineness. Thanks
    for sharing! ?

  5. Jerry Wigginson III says:

    What’s your view regarding tax sale properties as a start.?

  6. Ericka Williams says:

    so this is great information. I recently took some of your advice and
    starting looking for $45000 and under houses in the EDGES of austin texas..
    in san antonio and some surrounding North towns around georgetown. SO
    excited thanks again. Some are already completely renovated?

  7. D Young says:

    This is excellent information have 1 question what is the square footage of
    the homes . Thanks?

  8. Randall-Dana Nicholson says:

    OMG!!! CONGRATULATION ON THE ENGAGEMENT!!! I’m so happy for you. Once
    again love the video. ?

  9. raj .. says:

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  10. CESEPDER SC. Sustenance says:

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