#1 Cause of Death for Network Marketers

If you knew the #1 Cause of Death, you could avoid dying yourself AND keep more of your people alive. Please, go to: http://JohnMiltonFogg.com and “Get on my…

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  1. clintonskakun says:

    I think pre-framing new people is a must, that way they’re prepared. Plus
    we all need to be well scripted or have a question to ask people who say,
    “that’s a so ‘n so” etc. For example, “are you in sales?” would trigger me
    to ask, “do you like sales?” and if they say yes then, “you know how most
    sales companies pay commissions or salary … well we allow you to build
    residual income. Is residual income something that would interest you?” and
    if they say yes, we get together with them.

  2. NetworkMarketingShow says:

    The No1 reason lack of confidence in success.

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