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  1. DMND-LIFE-97 says:

    The playstation plus is already in use sorry bros ill try to make another

  2. DMND-LIFE-97 says:

    Okay I’ll give it to you tommorow add me on psn for code though no bs?

  3. DMND-LIFE-97 says:


  4. Cricketace CRS says:

    Stop fucking slapping it dick head?

  5. Toronto BlackOps says:

    Do you need a credit card to use a PlayStation plus card?

  6. Aydan Montoya says:

    I love games?

  7. Steve Anthony says:

    My PSN name is yunqsimba252 hmu ?

  8. somaticstream says:

    My psn is somaticstream?

  9. mr.derp &z-man says:

    Can you do one for xbox live? plz:(?

  10. tj hine says:

    I want it?

  11. Oscar Ramos says:

    I want it ?

  12. Jameel Melton says:

    I’ll take it

  13. Giovanni Allison says:


  14. Sirkoh Henrandez says:

    I’ll game share castle crashes and the bo2 MP Map packs?

  15. billy Grinstead says:

    I want it!?

  16. WetDreamer86 says:

    I want it!!!!?

  17. Sirkoh Henrandez says:

    my gamer tag is KMG_S-C-K_Gamma?

  18. Door Knocker says:

    hey il take it i liked subscribed and favorited?

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