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why use you own credit or bank card whn this is more secure?

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  1. MYO Z says:

    I use a Green Dot debit master card to pay bills or purchase anything over
    the internet. I pay $5.65 per month for service fee’s and use a Green Dot
    loading pack to load money on my card.This works for me because I’m
    protecting my bank accounts from any scammers getting into my accounts.One
    more thing, I only load the amount of money that will be using right away
    on my prepaid card. You need to protect your hard earn money and this is
    the I know how.?

  2. justin bey says:


  3. PregnantWhaleOnE says:

    I think yes 😀

  4. xxMikeTheAlienwarexx says:


  5. Jennifer Perez says:

    I have the babyphat rushcard,its so easy,to use,easier than a regular
    credit card,idk if you have a foodmaxx where you live,but you can go there
    and put money on it,as much as want,whenever you want to.

  6. KrazEWillY says:

    can I use this for ebay or amazon, sites like those?

  7. Ben Baird says:

    they dont work for overseas or countrys outside of canada or mexico online
    wa wa wa…..

  8. Chelsea Angelica says:

    U were covering the fucking numbers dam you!

  9. Pivotidiots123 says:

    OK, so where would I buy them, do I pay a monthly fee, and can I add money
    on it at walmart?

  10. nexter378 says:

    I personaly say its not worth it…some cards do not work for alot of
    companys …I had a few that worked for 8 websites everyother one decline

  11. CuteKittyChannel77 says:

    You know What I Use A Prepaid Card Its Taller Than That And You Scrach It
    To Get the Password For the Game

  12. dirtbike820 says:

    do u need id?

  13. IIDannyBoyII says:

    so where do u buy it lol

  14. wut sergio says:

    what websites can i use this i try but it wont let me >:/

  15. 32death23 says:

    do u have to be a certain age im 14 but im buying a virgin mobile phone
    offline and i want to buy the refill cards offline so i dont waste my
    parents gas would it work for me?

  16. SleepingPeace says:

    How does it work when it checks the address with the credit card company
    and when it doesn’t match up, declined.

  17. mgirltri says:

    i got mine but i did not activate it yet

  18. kbloi102 says:

    if u use prepaid credit card rt u allowed to buy stuff online?

  19. animatemaster says:

    so u pay 3-5 dollars to activate and then the amt u want in it? and can u
    refill it? lol i usually get those ones at like ralphs and stuff not the
    ones at banks and if its refillable do u have to pay 3-5 dollars again?

  20. Ghostdasher says:

    could u use these for paypal?

  21. jonny maddog says:

    i got one from walmart and the want my social.

  22. Tyra Armstrong says:

    i need the code

  23. wontonchewer says:

    nah you can get them at walmart

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