Filmed on an awesome Walmart prepaid Android phone! && the official entry to the 1BlueString video contest. Directed by Sarah M. Ball Actor: B.J. Halsall Mus…
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Universal Value (UV) Exchange by Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf Rec. No. 2013032035, restated and incorporated by reference as if set forth in full PRE-PAID, PRE-A…
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  1. Jason Haddox says:

    Watch and support please!?

  2. Ming Mendonca says:

    I really like it!?

  3. miguffx says:

    Psionic attack to iluminati blond lines . NOWWW !!!!

  4. Allen Marlin says:

    Oh Heather !! How are the Rothchilds ? Why change your name from OPPT To
    IUV ? Hows the swissindo thing going ? Gee your so full of it. Keep those
    UCC filings coming, Unrebbuted, lol What nut job would even be dumb enough
    to answer them ? You need to go to Court to foreclose Heather, And Your a
    Lawyer ???

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