2 ways how to unlock blackberry Curve 8320 8520 8530 to work with any gsm network worldwide no SIM CARD required AT&T Verizon T-mobile Rogers Vodafone Telus …

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  1. TJBEATS97 says:

    Mine says 255 left at the MEP code?

  2. Puman Wangsa says:

    Where did you get the network MEP code, please advise???

  3. Gregs Loope says:

    If anyone having trouble just use..UnlockYourPhone(.me)…They unlock any
    phone & it’s free cause they run on donations?

  4. tal lee says:

    2 ways how to unlock Blackberry Curve 8320 8520 8530 without sim card AT&T
    Verizon T-mobile Rogers?

  5. Tajinder Singh says:

    ihave a blackberry curve 8520 with uae etisalat locked with mep. it is 0
    left pls give me a solution?

  6. Dhiren Chugh says:

    Is that for free, no £ cash?

  7. Shafro_0 says:

    when it said enter MEP code at 3:00, what code did you put in? do I have to
    put in the same one as you did?

  8. Terry Hill says:

    i type the *#06# and nothing happens

  9. SpikeVidz says:

    ive got a 8530 will it for tht one aswell

  10. Elliot Nicholson says:

    For some reason when i type in the M E P 2 it doesn’t pop up with anything?
    Do i need a SIM card in when I’m going through the process?

  11. Mohab Osama says:

    i type mep2 nothing happen

  12. slymester says:

    I ordered a sprint bb curve 8520 and it says unlocked, can anyone tell me
    if this version have a sim card slot plzzz reply as soon as possible

  13. mygsmchannel says:

    yes this method support any curve model, thank you

  14. John Scelsi says:

    you probably have CDMA

  15. joy grimes says:

    its says code error

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