INCOME TAX INFO RELEVANT TO US, CANADA, AUSTRALIA “ATO Income Tax claiming all withheld back” http://www….
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  1. truthdemon says:

    as beneficiary to the TRUST created by us at birth we can instruct the
    TRUSTEE to SET OFF debts …thorugh our signature.. it is our personal bank
    account that we can write cheques against ..we can ACCEPT for value and
    CONSIDERATION to SET OFF ANY BILL presented to us …by our signature and
    access number to our TRUST ACCOUNT.. the ROUTING NO: is the SIN number .
    all our SIN has been forgiven and DEBTS prepaid..we just have to access the
    benefit by writing our personal cheques

  2. truthdemon says:

    register : handing over legal title …to the REGIS agent REGIS : the Roman
    King or Emperor Pontifus MAximus… all titles to property , labour (they
    cannot hold soul, body or spirit) is held in TRUST by Roman agents the
    TEMPLE in London is the seat of the 2 operational BANKS : the BENCH and the
    crown corporation banksters.. these 2 BANKS regulate the current(CY) flow
    by charging and discharging the security interest they hold in TRUST

  3. David Stanley says:

    In Canada your allowed to earn approximately 10,000 $ before paying any tax
    at all In other words if you make a profit you pay

  4. truthdemon says:

    ALL our SINS have been FOR GIVEN be FORE given given BE fore all SIN
    numbers (trust access account no:) are given BeFore we enter into the world
    of sin and debt where the templar bankers in London can only tract SIN or
    debt on their books.. they are drowning in SIN..or debt when we forgive
    them (through our PERSON ie: Acceptance ) we will be forgiven
    (CONSIDERATION) googel : Hebrew And Greek Words For Forgiveness Or Pardon

  5. skybirdbird says:


  6. 1mlis1cc says:

    Thank you, I will check out your playlists!

  7. truthdemon says:

    when we stand surety to the liability created by the PERSON we are given
    the ‘BENEFIT’ to DISCHARGE and not PAY the debt…we DISCHARGE through
    promise to pay notes ..we are transferiing the debts into the future…
    this is the benefit given to the PERSON by the international banksters
    during the 1933 bankruptcy when they took over as trustee and held legal
    title over the PERSON but as BENEFICIARY to tthe TRUST we have another
    undisclosed option when the ………

  8. SouthernCross33 says:

    @CanadianPatriot1973 Yes it is hard to get your head around the Freeman
    movement but there is ppl doing it. What i’m interested to know is how you
    think one can get into trouble doing this transition from slave to freeman?

  9. ThankYouWhiteKnights says:

    i command and feel compassion and imagination for what i want with thanks
    and have been increasing my confidence starting with making it rain and now
    ufos as i have been listing in my comments thanks to Gregg Bradens cds and
    James Gilliland

  10. truthdemon says:

    When u approach the BENCH and the Judge (templar bar banker) reads out the
    invoice : a list of charges on the AcCOUNT (the debt transferred to the
    PERSON by the CONSTITUTORS) he will ask you HOW DO YOU PLEAD? ie what are u
    pledging ? u then accept ur guilt owing to the debt .the trustee banker
    then use the benefit of discharging the debt through promissory notes ,
    (paying the BAIL or BAAL) BUT

  11. truthdemon says:

    WE create all the credit that government , corporations live off …. when
    these dead fiction transfer their liabbilities to us through BILLS, traffic
    tickets, sattute violations we can instruct our TRUSTEE to PAY and not
    DISCHARGE the liability. this way the national debt decreases .THIS is the
    only way that debt can decrease. the fractional reserve cannot do it… WE
    reduce the SIN in society through our AWAKENING .. We are the MESSIAH He
    was always there ..we just went asleep

  12. Jon Focker says:

    damn he’s been saying this stuff for 2 years. its always “it could happen
    next week, maybe next year”. the major thing happening is the Trillion
    dollar lawsuit that has been filed. that shows at least some credibility on
    this info. if it is all real then we (sheep public) would not see it until
    the shit hits the fan. otherwise its on on higher levels kept away from our
    ignorant eyes. it makes sense that there is an international opposition to
    the NWO. i can’t imagine everyone going with it

  13. skybirdbird says:

    all of it…….but you are the first i have heard about the blue

  14. ThankYouWhiteKnights says:

    yes please do and keep up with my comments as you will see i spend more
    time on that Income Tax Forum i created now more with 50 percent of Income
    Tax withheld coming back which i will use to get the rest as i outlined in
    my last entry

  15. truthdemon says:

    they create a TRUST at the BIRTH when we are delivered at the DOC through
    the birth canal of the MOTHER SHIP… the TRUST holds an asset called RES
    that is called the legal fiction PERSON PER SONA : for sound …it is a
    MASK we have to use to navigate their WATER WORLD the CITIZENSHIP is a
    pirate SHIP created by the CONSTITUTORS (debt shape shifters) to transfer
    their liabilities to the PERSON who through ignorance stand surety for
    liability at the DOCK when it is shifted to the citizenSHIP

  16. David Stanley says:

    the poor shouldn’t pay tax

  17. SouthernCross33 says:

    @dave777blaster Tax is a necessary part of a so called civil society. It’s
    used to look after the less fortunate and pay for things like rubbish
    collection hospitals and the like. Personally i don’t mind paying some tax
    as long as it goes to useful things for my society and not for war
    mongering filth to line their pockets or aid to countries when i have
    disadvantaged citizens in my own country

  18. jonah70757 says:

    Still Praying Ben Still Praying

  19. SouthernCross33 says:

    @dave777blaster No they shouldn’t i agree

  20. ThankYouWhiteKnights says:

    so whats the solution ?

  21. Garth Johnston says:

    Best video yet! Bravo!! Finally some people who actually make sence! I love
    the comments also! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! I’m showing this to

  22. truthdemon says:

    utube: application, submision, registration

  23. truthdemon says:

    u can ask the Judge whether u have another way to PLEAD u have another
    choice YOU can PLEAD the BLOOD COVENANT of JESUS CHRIST .. this ensures the
    trust account can be accessed… and all debts and obligations are cleared
    or written off google :Hebrew And Greek Words For Forgiveness Or Pardon
    google : The most common noun for sin in the OT is avon google :Hebrew And
    Greek Words For Forgiveness Or Pardon google : sin debt hebrew

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