This is a demonstration of how to activate a 4G LTE phone on Verizon without having to go through the hassles of re-activation. Just pop in your sim card fro…
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  1. New American Fishkeeper says:

    Does the SIM contain the antennas? I took the SIM out of my LTE/CDMA phone
    and it had no signal. Also, can I just take my sim out of one US Cellular
    phone, put it into another, and have it be my phone??

  2. Jay Love says:

    what about sprint phones??

  3. patrick wilson says:

    wow, was hoping for some more in depth info. You have to call verizon and
    give them the meid of the new phone you’re switching to, otherwise your
    phone will stop working until you do.?

  4. AbarthJMS says:

    It doesn’t matter what Google account the phone is using, it only changes
    the phone number. As for accounts in say, Verizon or AT&T, it should only
    change the number and the phone will be on the account you switch it to.

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