A family law attorney wears many hats. Some of which are fraught with “minefields.” Ergo, finding the right family law attorney for you might not come as easy as you think because family law has many branches, and one of the biggest branches of concern is divorce. One of the most critical decisions you will make is choosing the right attorney who has family law experience. This is not the time to throw “darts” at a dartboard and suddenly hit a real estate or tax attorney symbol. What is done inside and outside the courtroom will depend totally on the experience, acumen, and skills of your choice. So let’s check the attorney “tree” and see what we know that you should know in hiring the right family law attorney, for example this Houston family law lawyer.

Branch #1 – Make sure you shop around. Use the Internet and only research those attorneys who have the designation “family law” next to their name. You need to know all you can about the man or woman you pick, so write down pertinent questions you plan to ask during your initial interview.

Branch #2 – After your research and before you plan any attorney contacts, check with family, friends, and organizations that are familiar with the ramifications of Family Law and the court system. Many are listed online or in the phone book. And remember that family law is a “specialized” practice. Be diligent in your search.

Branch #3 – Once you have made your decision, schedule an office appointment. But beware that most attorneys planning an interview only allow up to one-half hour of their time – gratis! Even though this is not nearly enough time to get down to the meat and bones of your case, it will, at least, give you enough time to get a feel of the attorneys’ demeanor and personality. Which leads to the question: “can you work with this person or not?”

Branch #4 – Do you feel comfortable in the presence of this attorney? If so and you feel a connection, schedule another longer appointment and pay the attorney fees. Some attorneys may have an hour glass and a half hour glass full of sand on their desks that is used to show both parties when time is up to avoid any previous agreement misunderstandings.

Branch #5 – Attorneys fees and contracts are two important items to know and discuss.

Let’s not kid ourselves, folks. Hiring not only a “good” attorney, but the “best” money can buy will be expensive. Ergo, if the lawsuit or divorce is that important to you, and you can afford the cost, it’s best not to “haggle” over fees and charges. Depending on where you live, the usual family law attorney fees start at $300 bucks per hour which may not include any retainer requirements. However, in this case, you might be wise to seek a more reasonable family law attorney, and then hire the expensive attorney as a consultant at a much cheaper fee.

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