Called to cancel auto-refill and vowed to always record myself when callin customer service so there.
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  1. Jaja Janz says:

    the reason for that is.. we CSR are not allowed to release a call, thats
    why the agent stayed on the line. however the agents line was wrong, the
    agent was supposed to say (caller are you still there ?) 3 times , if the
    customer does not reply .. agent must release the call but if the customer
    reply agent must inform the customer to release the line… :D?

  2. Chris Miller says:

    I see some boogers……?

  3. John Ricks says:

    Do you have anything better to do with your life??

  4. Barumbado KRIMINAL says:

    fucking bastard!!!!?

  5. Neal312 says:

    Lol that’s hilarious! But what if you know you are being trolled (i didn’t
    really mean to keep her as I didn’t really know about this rule)

  6. MrRadzty says:

    i hate automated line, whats the head quartrs nmbr?

  7. Robert Brown says:

    you should clean your nose out before making a video with the camera
    pointed up your nose

  8. Jack MEOFF says:

    After purchasing the 6 month card for 255.00 (big mistake) and having
    dialup speeds for the last 5 months. And calling straight talk customer
    service only to be told, your data speed will return at your next billing
    cycle. WHAT ? Purchased a 1 month card for 45.00 and guess what ! I still
    have dialup. called customer service and was told my data speed will return
    next billing cycle. Small claims law suit on the way, they can buy back my
    phone as well. I taped it all.

  9. SaraST8 says:

    Hi MrRadzty! I’m Sara of Straight Talk. For us to provide you the Corporate
    Office toll free number, please email us at Thanks!

  10. herbis Rico says:

    you can be sure that the person who answered the phone was a barranquillero
    and also that person was in barranquilla….

  11. 90national says:

    please please man don’t record from your front cam right under your nose

  12. coolj89186 says:

    i wonder how many spam calls or text he got after making this video dumb
    ass didn’t silent his phone number! side note straight talk is a good
    phone! :)

  13. Serenity3325 says:


  14. Some Maine Brony says:

    your nose ’nuff said “quivers”

  15. Melvic Raz says:

    the spiel should be “Caller, Are you still there?” if he replies, “you may
    now hang-up the phone”

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