Pay bills with your signature and learn how to access your Treasury Bond Account that was created by your birth certificate. (First Trial run)
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  1. JOHN SMITH says:

    Good for you. So many dumb Fucks need to tell every1 what they are doing,
    instead of what they did, and results. Shut the Fuck up, and get a life of
    your own, without copping some1 else s blog. Its dipshit s like you, that
    give youtube its bad reputation?

  2. Antonio Girley says:

    People Stop calling IRS etc and inquiring of this !
    This is only for the private not public The Corps. in the public don’t know
    A$V to them is a conspiracy.
    You must learn administrative procedure Do not Mix Public & private” thats
    what makes it Fraud.
    Peace & Blessings?

  3. Gentle Giant Jeffy says:

    uhh so did it work for you or not? I hate when ppl don’t follow up?

  4. Wellrounded13 says:

    He doesn’t have red ink anywhere, therefore it is fraudelent because it is
    not done properly?

  5. TerriisforJesus says:

    I just checked with the IRS and this is a fraudulent act. If anyone tries
    to do this, they will be subject to severe penalties and possible jail

  6. Cliff Yablonski says:

    1:40….This is awesome, I’m gonna redeem my True Power !”
    More like No Power after all his utilities got cut off. ?

  7. Helping You says:

    IRS –
    The Department of the Treasury is also aware of several fraudulent schemes
    that involve what are claimed to be securities issued or backed by the
    Treasury Department or another part of the U.S. Government.
    Another scheme is a variation of a common fraud generally known as
    “redemption” or “acceptance for value” that incorrectly asserts the United
    States government has trust accounts linked to each citizen. The theory is
    not supported in fact or law and has been soundly rejected by the federal
    courts. Perpetrators will annotate or stamp invoices with “Accept for
    Value” or similar language, with various numbers purporting to be account
    numbers. Such annotations are without merit and establish no rights or
    privileges in any federal or state account or agency.?

  8. Jermjc2 says:

    @Nonassumit troll n agent but he didnt file ucc1 and mArk transimmitin

  9. Neptunade says:

    If you think it’s fraudulent because of blue or black ink, please search
    the terms “red ink legally binding”, I did, and red ink is seen as a type
    of margin-note, NOT binding firmament unless you are releasing an
    obligation tacitly.

    Here, A4V is explicit, an acceptance and release of obligation for value.

    The missing link to his acceptance is not the ink.

  10. Jermjc2 says:

    @Nonassumit troll n agent but he didnt file ucc1 and mArk transimmitin

  11. Chelly 17 says:

    @Tom Roell I have asked the same question and no one can answer YES OR NO.
    I’ve been doing a lot of research still trying to figure out the steps.?

  12. Sirkus TheImobile says:

    You’re lack of update leads me to believe all of your services have been
    disconnected, you’ve been evicted, your auto has been repossessed, and you
    are now homeless and without the capacity to update to this fact.?

  13. Dr Grinspoon B says:

    To all hello, it seems to me that many people have yet to discover that
    they have a way to do all these things already set up in place, it is
    called the frbservices website. Once an individual has claimed secured
    creditor over their strawman they then go to frbservices website to begin
    the process of authorizing who has access and then begin using your account
    for discharging your institutions (STRAWMAN)S accrued debt.

    People must understand they are not going to admit to the fraud, neither
    are they going to tell where and how to utilize the resolutions set forth
    by them for you to take care of it, its not their job to hold you by the
    hand, they only have to provide the means, which they did in the form of
    hjr 192, notice “house joint RESOLUTION”.

    Remember, in the eyes of the frb and the U.S.A. YOU are a corporation, not
    a living being, you must start refering to yourself as a corp in order for
    the system to be able to work with you, corps cannot to business with real
    people, read and understand the definition of “Commerce”.?

  14. Randy Tuten says:

    Did you send it to the right PERSON?
    Makes all the difference.?

  15. nonassumsit says:



  16. Fabian Colon says:

    Well did it work??

  17. tom roell says:

    did you file a UCC1 before doing this ??

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