– Are there any Advocare complaints? If so, are people unhappy with the products or the business opportunity? Or, are Advocare complaints just an indictment…
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  1. Kayla stro says:

    I’m in the middle of my 24 day advocare challenge I’m on day 12 I’ve lost
    10 pounds in 12 days using these products. They work. I’ve never had so
    much energy and have never felt healthier. They work if you eat the right
    things and take everything as you should. You can’t take these products and
    eat a pizza for lunch. You have to eat right and you have to work out.
    Everyone in my family uses these products they are great! ?

  2. ELaine B says:

    Don’t buy this shit!!! Wish I would’ve read this before making my purchase
    today. URG!

  3. NickJuday says:

    Get a life

  4. Michelle Davidson says:

    @swams49 The products worked great for me…by the way, you spelled
    “preach” wrong.

  5. Global Awareness says:

    Please Elaborate: You must have “a life” or you wouldn’t tell someone else
    to get a life. Perhaps you can teach me how to get a life. Make a list of
    all the activities you do. daily routines, books you read, restaurants
    visited, websites you visit and the games you play. If I become a carbon
    copy of you I will then have a life. I am so exited, let’s get started
    right now.

  6. Matt Brun says:

    You may not like direct sales, but it’s the preferred method for selling
    “best in class” products. It allows a knowledgeable representative the
    opportunity to educate the consumer on the products before the purchase,
    allowing the consumer to make an informed choice. Compare that to the
    uninformed choice consumers usually make; buying decisions based off the
    color of a flashy label or a wild claim made on an ad…

  7. Pete Piedra says:

    @swam.. I’ve been in the fitness industry for almost 10 years and both my
    wife an I are certified personal trainers and nutrition counselors. We own
    fitness studio have been offering AdvoCare products to our clients for
    about six months now with great success in results and income. We did lot’s
    of research before offering these products to our clients and we are very
    happy that we decided to do so. Advocare products have complimented our
    business in many ways and the products are great.

  8. Kurt Lyons says:

    Avocare may be a good product but anything sold like Avon, Amway or
    Primerica I associate as the 21st century version of snake oil peddlers.
    Just something about multi-level marketing makes me think of a Ponzi scheme.

  9. swams49 says:

    Rideswithchrist, How about presenting some type of arguement as to how and
    why the products worked for you. And i think it is pretty pathetic how the
    only thing you seemed to get out of what i was saying is that I misspelled
    word is pretty pathetic.

  10. Global Awareness says:

    Other than the internal bleeding I get from taking Spark and the extreme
    dehydration that it causes, I love it.

  11. Global Awareness says:

    Great Speech, so how much Advocare dollars are you earning?

  12. Jeremiah Loucks says:

    I really doubt it’s the spark that causes your bleeding. Just doesn’t make
    sense. You might want to see a Doctor about it. You could have a “real”

  13. David Jones says:

    There are a buch of these “cookie cutter” videos out there. They all have
    the MLMProfits line in their web address. You think they could come up with
    a unique address. Advocare is a great company with fantastic products.
    Those that complain about it just hasn’t worked it hard enough. It is not a
    get rich quick scam, you actually have to work it make it a living. Those
    without the drive are doomed to fail and would probably not be a success at
    anything they try.

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