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  1. DeprogramedEnlightener says:

    @A1nitak You are right to an extent but when you became of legal age you
    consented by way of ssn, drivers license , 1040…must I go on. Now you are
    talking ucc1 you did not mention that from the start. But I promise you
    this you can file your ucc1 but if you have not revoked power of attorney
    the state still has it over you

  2. DeprogramedEnlightener says:

    @TheMightySovereign What type of Nation do we have” A republic if you can
    keep it” Who said that?

  3. DeprogramedEnlightener says:

    @A1nitak That is true but you what you unbond and do not revoke power of
    attorney they will just bond again. I am not here to persuade if you feel
    content with you that way then so be it.

  4. Shawnee Bey says:

    @TheMightySovereign good work brotha

  5. 1211itzsunshine says:

    So i can go bankrupt and use a new name like cooperations to start over?!

  6. DeprogramedEnlightener says:

    You can do whatever you desire

  7. DeprogramedEnlightener says:

    @TheMightySovereign Tompkins brought this personal injury lawsuit in
    diversity in federal district court in New York, asserting that he was
    lawfully on the property as a licensee, and that the accident occurred as a
    result of Erie Railroad’s negligence in the operation or maintenance of the
    train. Erie Railroad Company denied liability and asserted that the rule
    that had been established in the courts of Pennsylvania should apply.

  8. DeprogramedEnlightener says:

    @oooweee79 True

  9. DeprogramedEnlightener says:

    @A1nitak Can you prove that two exist? Or is it that the de facto has
    altered the original? No each state has it own Constitution. Therefore when
    you enter the courts you should have two one for the state and a federal
    one, this is why i say the federal republic

  10. DeprogramedEnlightener says:

    @TheMightySovereign Facts Tompkins (P) sustained personal injuries when he
    was struck by an Erie Railroad Company (D) freight train in Pennsylvania
    while walking on a footpath adjacent to the tracks. Tompkins was a citizen
    of Pennsylvania and Erie Railroad Company was incorporated in New York.

  11. DeprogramedEnlightener says:

    @TheMightySovereign Under that rule, persons using pathways adjacent to
    railways were deemed trespassers and the railroad would not liable for
    injuries unless its actions were wanton or willful.Tompkins denied that
    such a rule had been established by the Pennsylvania courts. He further
    contended that since no Pennsylvania statute addressed the issue of
    liability in such cases, the railroad’s duty and liability should be

  12. DeprogramedEnlightener says:

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  13. dabestsince92 says:


  14. apaige22 says:

    Is the black’s law book the only source we can find the concept of the
    “straw man/ corporate fiction / paper” etc? how about corporate law books?

  15. DeprogramedEnlightener says:

    @A1nitak Until you revoke power of attorney they are clamming your estate.
    you must become the executor of your estate and you cannot do that while
    you do not have power of attorney over it.

  16. DeprogramedEnlightener says:

    @TheMightySovereign and the inhabitants of that territory then become the
    citizens of that territoryThey are not citizens of the State because they
    formed the State for their protection. They owe nothing to the State so
    long as they do not trespass against the right of the State.

  17. bellaearth says:

    That happened to me once… I believe I am a starseed..

  18. Ill Treat says:


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