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The meaning of life is problem solving! This is how they control the people daily. They solve the basic problems of food, clothing & shelter by providing you with jobs. Every two weeks they…
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  1. Timothy Burns says:

    Always good content Diane.

  2. Jennifer Kumar says:

    Diane, The story you tell about differences in shopping is inteeresting. It
    reminds me of travelling to India, and many shops in towns I’ve been to
    there still have those kind of selling tactics. Another thing is in a
    consumer culture like that- there is not as much impulse spending because
    of lack of touching!! :)

  3. Caleb TheRaconteur says:

    I’ll be honest, this somewhat frightens me.

  4. Tressco says:

    Excellent cut!

  5. brt007 says:

    sounds like kiss ass Schwarzenegger says, “we must germinate terrorism”.
    funny. great job again Slavestorm !

  6. R Hirshi says:

    al’qaeda are innocent people trying to defend their homeland from american
    rape, fascism and destruction

  7. LoveTruthIntegrity says:

    I’m with you Bro’. It’s a numbers game, against-the-clock.. We have to
    awaken sleepers, and deprogramme robots. Make space for consiousness to
    shine its light and have an influence on our collectively manifested
    reality. But man, right now fear and irrational indifference seem to rule
    the day. Loving your work. Respec’.

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