Toby answers a series of questions regarding his whereabouts in the last year.

A roaring fire in New Haven left ten adults and two children looking for a place to stay just before the holidays.
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  1. bob tutino says:

    he lives in illonis i think of the area code givin

  2. rick says:

    Toby’s fucking awesome.

  3. VocalVerve says:

    Love Toby!

  4. Dan Quinlan says:

    didnt appreciate this Calvin

  5. craftgarrett1 says:

    man nigga I bought a shirt and never got it. that shit was a year ago

  6. theoroinvictus says:

    this ASS toby shit

  7. Timmy Cane says:

    Where do you but the shirts?! Haha

  8. theluscioussound says:

    I thought my game was tight, but damn man. Can you teach me how to be that

  9. bigwhytes says:

    “when you gonna make another video?” “….we watchin a video right now”

  10. RavenSoul says:

    Damn, even your NAME is sexy! Great to see another vid from you, sexy man.

  11. MrAineg says:

    Damn Tobes are you related in,some kind,with Cee Lo Green?You have the same
    voice bhaha

  12. joejoesmootube says:

    I know how we can bring the unemployment rate down. TOBY JONES FOR
    PRESIDENT 2012

  13. CalicoVall says:

    To answer your questions: NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS! ^_^

  14. burgeyburgful says:

    I sent you $28 for 2 shirts on August 3, 2011. Where do I email you to “set
    things right”?

  15. RedlineNRG says:

    I’ve been masturbating a whole lot

  16. MattBOrange says:


  17. EmbiggenedJ says:

    I think I know what he’s suggesting at the end – franchising! Something-Ass
    Something and Somethings everywhere, by everyone!

  18. madwilliamflint says:

    Dude. You need a t-shirt with you with a glass of cognac and a caption that
    reads “Money makes you sexy” and put me down for 2 XLs.

  19. abcmaster34 says:

    saying your zipcode makes it more specific than saying the state

  20. wanderlustwarrior says:

    Unemployment? You kidding me? Everyone’s got two jobs! Find his campaign
    material at JonesForUSPresidentAndCognacSpokesman-com I love how he just
    says “The phone number is 708″ for your dumb asses.

  21. Gordon Chin says:

    I just subscribed like an hour ago, thanks for the update/coincidence!

  22. HairaSarah says:

    Mmm smooth…

  23. KoruKinshi says:

    And this is Cognac. ^_^

  24. phil S says:

    ill buy a tee for toby <3

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