Aio is AT&T’s new prepaid service, launching no contract plans in Houston, Orlando and Tampa with more cities will follow. In other news, Amazon is reportedl…

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  1. DeRussell Masina says:

    It’s almost as if no one else is on top of this but this channel. Aio is an
    awesome win for consumers. The U.S. market is maturing & catching up to the
    European market.

  2. Jefferson Steelflex says:

    The plans are actually good..I wonder if u could use t mobile phones

  3. judneg06 says:

    I have AIO wireless and I love it. I have basic phone service for $40 a
    month. NO dropped calls nor delayed conections. Its 3g for now not 4g.

  4. judneg06 says:

    You can if your phone has a sim card. My brother switch from tmo to aio he
    has an iphone 4 and it works great he also loves aio.

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