So my contract came to and end with my phone company and I thought I would go pay-as-you-go A quick phone call to the company should do the trick…. I was o…
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Didn’t know what to do when it was time to get a cell phone over here. Includes info about prepaid versus a plan, what to bring when you visit the shop, smar…

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  1. Michael Maggs says:

    I had exactly the same experience and I think I also recorded it (just the
    sound). I may somehow share that online too. It seems that there must be
    lots of people this happens too.

    The ‘cancellations’ should be renamed ‘sales’.?

  2. Triple Digit says:

    now i googled this just to see if there is a quick cancel like o2, I got a
    sim contract but now i want a sim and handset, but i was told by three that
    if i want to upgrade then am gonna have to pay an early upgrade fee of £200
    and then the full new contract cost. now this seems like he was begging you
    to stay like his life depends on it.. well fingers crossed i have a shorter

  3. rough rider201 says:

    Haha mate ur face expressions.
    How many minutes did you talk with them to cancel the contract??

  4. rough rider201 says:

    Omg why are they forcing you to use their contract?haha i need to screw 3
    soon,i have been using it for 6 months already still many months to end my
    contract.god damn i cant wat to cancel.i dont like 3 anymore.?

  5. Dominic Watson says:

    I had this as well… took me something like 45 minutes of argueing that I
    want to cancel my account. But sir it’s such a fantastic deal! I’m just
    trying to help you! I think the best way to deal with this would have been
    to say: “If you don’t start cancelling my account in 10 seconds, I’m going
    to regard this as a refusal to cancel” then screw them over

  6. WWEFearsTies says:

    3 are fucking awful Their coverage and service is appalling My grandma just
    started a new contract with them because she phones alot and see saw a deal
    with 1200 mins for £22 on a 24 month contract Bad decision, because she can
    hardly get a reception and I have never had a decent conversation with her
    without them drop calling She tried calling them about it but all she got
    was bollocks from an Indian bloke. Shes 68, she shouldn’t have to deal with
    bullshit from this crap company Fuck You 3

  7. JorickHorn says:


  8. Gavin Davies says:

    I love the speeds I get with Three, due to there DC-HSDPA. But there
    customer services lets them down! When I canceled with orange took 2 mins.

  9. raylyd says:

    I was pissed off today and should get done for doing this and some times
    never understand English. to help you guys out in the near future so i am
    calling off com and speak louder and a tone in your voice and say i dont
    want to save money at all i just canceled a i pad contract man it took me 1
    hour with this crap.

  10. andymate2006 says:

    I would’ve gone to the Telecommunication’s Ombudsman.

  11. stripeytop777 says:

    Oh God I’ve got to do this next month. Not looking forward to it

  12. keeble909 says:

    I couldnt hear a word of it either… This was my 2nd attempt to cancel the
    3 contract, this call went on for 40 mins.. this is the end of the call. If
    your ever in the same situation, youl understand

  13. stripeytop777 says:

    il keep this in mind

  14. InterGamingII says:

    Haha, my girlfriend had the same problem, so she started calling them down
    the phone, they soon cancelled the contract haha!

  15. d1353lp0w3r says:

    lol the only way to cancel your contract fast is to kidnap the operators
    family members and threaten to shoot them in the head if they dont cancel

  16. Om Nom Nom Nom says:

    Actually its even less. About 27-28 dollars O.o

  17. Melinda Merola says:

    @americaninkorea Glad to be able to help!

  18. Dark Angel says:

    Cannot believe North Koreans are not allowed to use cell phones for
    international calls etc

  19. Melinda Merola says:

    @blessmysoul89 @JNik07 @CoffeePrinceNick $1.00 is about 1,000KRW. So
    30,000KRW is like paying between $25-30USD.

  20. M Wiatrak says:

    never mind now i know its south korea

  21. M Wiatrak says:

    this is a stupid question but this is north K right

  22. jwayvids says:

    Can a american go and stay to live in korea??

  23. Keylontic Science says:

    How do you like life in the Land of the Morning Calm?

  24. Melinda Merola says:

    @junemaya2010 It’s a SKY phone, but I am not sure what the exact model is.

  25. roccersocc says:

    Keep it as a souvenir.

  26. junemaya2010 says:

    do you know the name of that phone?

  27. HYO1k says:

    This is probably a dumb question but is it possible to communicate with
    friends through wifi kakao talk? (using only iPods & without a cellphone)
    because my friend and I are only going to stay near hongdae and shinchon
    and I heard that they have wifi everywhere in seoul. So could I just use
    kakao free call and still survive?

  28. L4CH4T4 says:

    you look like tina fey ^^

  29. jwayvids says:

    @fannie south of course!!! XD

  30. rinehartjustin says:

    also im just a tourist , ou dont need anything to do so .

  31. Mandy Boo says:

    cool phone i have iphone4 it’s from Verizon been with for a really long
    time now :)) thier phone’s here are pretty nicee!

  32. krayzai says:

    Why can’t people just walk into the stores and ask the sales reps
    themselves for the best options? it’s win-win for the retailer as well as
    the customer anyway. then at 5 minutes.. i heard the word “teacher” and
    realized… that breed of foreigner is pretty handicapped in korea.

  33. Melanie Lee says:

    30,000 WON = 30 USD.

  34. Felton321 says:

    this girl is a bitch

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