Bachelor Smachelor

Travis Alexander’s introduction at the San Bernardino Systems Training.
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  1. cassidy slusher says:

    did somebody pay these people to laugh??

  2. emlovescrazyy says:

    He has such a sense of humor and so much light to him. How can someone take
    that away! So incredibly sad, he sounded like a beautiful human being. <3?

  3. Madam Spencer says:

    I have been following the trial. It’s too bad the jury can’t see this. I
    think Travis had a good heart. He may have been a little immature and made
    some mistakes, but I think he knew in his heart that his relationship with
    Jodi was unhealthy, NOT based on mutual good core values, and was not going
    to go anywhere productive. I think that he made a huge mistake on his last
    day sleeping with her, and PROBABLY had guilt and remorse afterwards. I
    think he tried to tell her that. He was not an abuser

  4. TiffanyBusby says:

    He was actually really funny. He could’ve been a comedian.

  5. N says:

    Too bad they met through the pre paid legal scam.

  6. Ethan Clarke says:

    Here he is we are watching, laughing, having fun, enjoying life then a
    month later we see him lay dead in the bathtub, a horrible death. Well I
    should tell this to everybody here that picking wrong mate and you’ll end
    up dead!

  7. Ruth Edwards says:

    I think he WAS lissening to his friends …that was most likely the problem.

  8. free country says:

    i said the same thing on twitter… i put she needs the chair with no water
    on the sponge. did ya ever see green mile.. it is funny im not the only one
    that thought that

  9. ARIASJN says:

    @batemon85, so being horny means you deserve to die the way he did? If that
    was the case 95% of men if not more would be dead

  10. nikol bird says:

    So sorry for your loss.

  11. michelle j Penny says:

    wow..Travis was the man ! what a genuinely funny guy….he will be missed
    so much by all who loved and knew him. I didnt know him, but I can see his
    star shone brightly. Love to all the family and friends of Travis. we know
    he continues on and his star will shine just as brightly.

  12. Bevvie Bevvie says:

    Whoa. I can’t believe somebody else finally noticed the hole in Jodi’s
    mouth. That freaks me out.

  13. auntstacey123 says:

    So sad!

  14. Ruth Edwards says:

    pyramid scheme …(most of your money comes from signing on prospects)..and
    I havnt found anything that makes me think he was that successful.I’m sure
    jodi wasnt buying it if he was asking her for money.there isnt much to his
    “clothing line”.infact, with what little I found on it,it may have never

  15. zonie9872 says:

    Is this Arias’ channel?

  16. mosaicglass says:

    It’s nice to see Travis talking. I have never seen him talk before. I wish
    that we didn’t have to even think about let alone talk about his early
    death. It’s just too sad.

  17. jesiana21 says:

    Brianne Simpson if you knew Travis so well and know that that girl who was
    asking for ass poundings was taken advantage of the same girl who viciously
    killed him and went and was all on another guy she didnt even know the day
    after why arent you in court testifying and helping her out your a poor
    excuse for a human being

  18. adrianaflo2902 says:

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