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Verizon Says this is Legit Check our their 4G SIM Card FAQs Webpage: Just a note. This will…
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  1. joe parisfashionclub says:

    Hello please contact me??

  2. bigballinfree says:

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  3. Larry Marbury says:

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  4. Sensei Sleepless says:

    So one thing Verizon Unlimited Users face is trying to save their Unlimited
    Plan and their Money. Right now the only way to get a new phone through
    Verizon is to pay full price. However you can put your SIM in other LTE
    phones without going through Verizon. This is not a huge deal to those GSM
    users out there, but for Verizon subscribers this is a real first and they
    don’t advertise it. Use your SIM in any other Verizon Phone and save
    yourself money!!! See it working here! I even cut the SIM.?

  5. joe snyder says:

    what happened to you? where did you go? no more videos, R-U dunzo or are
    you going to be making more videos??

  6. Mateo2298 says:

    This burns the sim out and so does the 24 hour wait

  7. eramirez1752 says:

    Actually you could get the iphone 5 and still keep your verizon unlimited
    data, I had the iphone 4 and I’m waiting for the 19th to receive my iphone
    5 I’m going to go through a new process called sim aging where I’m going to
    wait 24 hours then swap it

  8. Jake Guy says:

    you don’t have to py

  9. Ronny Dickey says:

    does your phone number and whatnot switch to the other phone when you move
    the sim card?

  10. aquafishsoup says:

    hey did you get unlimited 4g LTE or did you just get to keep your unlimited

  11. jordy15322 says:

    were is the best place to sell the xoom?

  12. jalejandre154 says:

    I have a droid RAZR maxx sum body is offering me a galaxy s3 both Verizon
    can I do it? Plz help

  13. Sleepless Ninja says:

    @Romney dickey. , yes your phone number as well. You make and receive calls
    by our phone # just like it was the original phone

  14. Sleepless Ninja says:

    Or friends because its still a great device even though its not cutting
    edge anymore

  15. George Athanasakes says:

    Had HTC rezound,standard sim, bought s3 off Craigslist (micro sim ),walked
    right into Verizon store told them I needed a micro sim for new phone and
    no problem, was in and out in 15 minutes…

  16. craftsman673 says:

    I have the Verizon Gallaxy Stellar (free)…It does have the smaller card.
    Can I just swap out the card to any upgraded phone without Verizon knowing?
    What would you suggest? I would like something a little bigger with a
    better camera.

  17. jordy15322 says:

    @slweplessninjas OK I was thinking eeBay ‘D

  18. TEXAZPITBULL says:

    Yea u can just call Verizon for a new sim n just say u swapping phones I do
    it all the time they never ask me to change plans

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