Issue by Ian Hill: Blackberry bold 9900 unlocked T-cellular branded?
Hi, I am preparing to buy a new cellphone and I selected the daring 9900. I was likely to get it on amazon, and I selected the merchandise. the issue is that I study the clients reviews and there had been a good deal of men and women complaining about that it was a T-mobile branded mobile phone and that they couldn’t use 3G.

Can you make clear me what is the issue if it is explained that the telephone is unlocked? Can I use any sort of SIM card with this unlocked T-cellular telephone?

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Solution by Jonny Mills
It all depends on what provider you are going to use with your unlocked Blackberry Bold 9900.

How is it working?
The Blackberry Daring 9900 is a GSM device which can arrive with distinct radio help, it arrives on those variations:
HSDPA 850 / 1900 / 2100 / 800
HSDPA 900 / 1700 / 2100

If the Blackberry Daring 9900 is a T-Cell branded unit it will operate on t-mobiles 4G speeds making use of the frequency bands that T-cellular utilizes to supply the UMTS on thier community making use of these GSM bands:
1700 MHz/2100 MHz

At&t employs 850 MHz UMTS/HSPA and 1900 MHz UMTS/HSPA Bands to give 3G speeds.
So At&t branded Blackberry will operate on t-cell if unlocked but it will use the 1900 MHz frequency band which utilized by t-mobile to supply 2G (EDGE) speeds.

So, you just want to know what are the bands that your carrier making use of and then get the proper Blackberry that have the proper components inside of it to support the speeds.

Blackberry Bold 9900 from Rogers, Bell, Telus will work with H+ speeds on At&t… if the phone is unlocked those carriers are making use of the exact same bands so there is not going to be a difficulty to get the speeds..

But, A Blackberry from those carriers will only have 2G speeds with a SIM card from T-Mobile.
If you get a T-Mobile Blackberry daring 9900 it will perform with provider this sort of as WIND, Mobilicity & Cincinnati Bell.

Most of the units will operate on European carriers and even throughout the world on most carrier..
The dilemma is only with the north American networks and as detailed earlier mentioned you can see what will match your carriers sim cards to get entire speeds.
About “unlocked” telephones… generally when you get a Blackberry from a provider it will come branded to the carrier with the OS build and the support guides put in on it to suit the provider.. these items can be altered.. one more issue is a SIM lock which is set on a unit.

The sim lock is a stability which locks the mobile phone to operate only with the provider it really is branded to… for example a Blackberry Bold 9900 from Bell Mobility will not function with Rogers SIM cards or with At&t SIM cards or with any carriers sim card other then Bells sim card… simply because it really is locked..

Blackberry unlocking (which is legal and risk-free) is just taking away that sim lock from the unit making it a SIM free of charge cellphone that can be utilized with any provider around the world.
Merely, if the sim lock is lively then when you put a sim card from other carrier you will not get any signal with the gadget and you can’t use it for phone calls, sms and info… but if the Blackberry is unlocked then it will read through any sim card from any provider.

Any Blackberry that has a GSM radio device including the Bold 9900 and the Bold 9930 can be unlocked utilizing distant unlocking providers for Blackberry cell units, it really is carried out by inserting the distinctive unlock code that can unlock the system. Companies these kinds of as “Blackberry Unlocking” – can be used to unlock any Blackberry in minutes.

When you get your Blackbery Daring 9900 unlocked the SIM lock will be removed and the system will no for a longer time be constrained to the brand name provider you acquired it from… then you can use it with any provider globally… a T-cell Blackberry Bold 9900 will also operate with At&t SIM card but on EDGE (2G) and with any other GSM sim card… unlocking a Blackberry is a great point to do with your device since it simply eliminates some limitations that was set into it and then you can offer it more rapidly or use it with other provider and that is how you help save money and preserve your mobile phone if touring (can be used with prepaid sim cards) or switching carriers.

The CDMA model Blackberry Bold 9930 is also included with a GSM radio and also can be unlocked and employed with GSM service providers…

Bottom line, if your Blackberry is unlocked you can use it with any provider.. but there are a number of builds of the system so the limitations are not associated to the unlocking it self and unlocking a cellphone will get rid of the limitations of currently being bound to the carrier the telephone is branded with.

It truly is also lawful and risk-free to unlock a Blackberry, it is not going to effect the configurations or anything and there is no want to unlock the mobile phone far more then when even if you wipe it the unit will remain unlocked.

So just see what are the bands your carrier are using for 3G/H+ and get a Blackberry Bold 9900/9930 that supports those bands…
you can unlock the gadget by oneself even if it really is a 9930 Blackberry so if you have a good deal for a new gadget it truly is well worth to do it.

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