What makes business texter different? Our system works on Android phones rather than a web server or gateway. The highly useful…
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commerce changed in the 20th centry from money being gold and silver coin to a promise to preform, promise to pay from the creditor’s (people) to the debtor’…
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  1. David white says:

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  3. Christopher Fleming says:

    Christopher Fleming49 seconds ago

    RETAIN 90% OF WHAT YOU TEACH … only study WLIYD at first then get in
    order by membership or self initiation no pussy’s allowd only warrior
    lords… everyone eles gets weeded out… unless your lucky or your family
    is in order its rare to see this just work for someone with little or no
    legal background or case history in or befor federal magistrates… so
    basicly CHRISTIANS FUCK OFF GET MARK OF BEAST or you cant buy or sell only
    purchase and pledge you cant be free only dictated to this is a remedy for
    private not public do not try to be me IM AntiCHRIST, this kid died in jail
    and choses actions beyond most comhension so dont call with conspiracy
    bullshit stay on topic and keep me on point if i ramble i can get it over
    in about 5-9 minutes tops for first time callers if your ready and you
    record it and your stfu OTHER WISE DONT CALL ME… NO MORE RETARDS! 666
    Danny Ruel1 month ago

    What is a treasury direct account? ?
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    Christopher Fleming1 second ago

    not this, study what lies in your debt only the free talk shoe episodes
    untill your credit is good then call me or call but only monday – thursdays
    12-9 pm pacific time
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  4. thunderbird002 says:

    So after you gave the IRS a good laugh for the day , How long did it take
    them to start putting leans on you or send you to prison for tax evasion ??

  5. Christopher Fleming says:

    Judge refuses TRO against ‘scary’ Sgoverein: Christopher of the Fleming
    family = HES A SCARY PERSON?

  6. SouthernCaliWOOD909 says:

    Christopher fleming have you went through the process of filing for US non
    citizen national? To be exempt from the legal fiction all capitals name and
    united States corporation. ..?

  7. Christopher Fleming says:

    Top comments

    1 month ago · Shared publicly
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    What a lunatic/wannabe con man/idiot/speed freak. ?

    Christopher Fleming
    5 days ago

    See i kno u want proof n its on here ur just too lazy to pay attention n i
    dont teach a4v to ignorant know it alls sorry no proof for u so u can burn
    it or change it like last time no i keep silence. Thx anyways?
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    47 minutes ago

    +Christopher Fleming LMAO @ you stating something about teaching someone
    anything. You can’t even form a coherent sentence, meth head. The only
    thing you are “teaching” anyone is that you are an ignorant, uneducated,
    brain damaged drug addict that wants a bunch of things and doesn’t want to
    earn any of them.?
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    2 weeks ago · Shared publicly

    I love how this meth freak/lunatic thinks that writing something on a piece
    of paper magically changes it’s legal nature at his whim. “I wrote, ‘One
    million dollars’ on a hamburger wrapper,’ so now I have a million dollars.”
    What a batshit psycho.?

    Christopher Fleming
    1 week ago

    You don’t have any idea what’s going on… Furthermore because your lazy
    and can access the public records n see I regularly beat cases but never
    finished my appeal it’s still in riverside appealete court?
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    1 week ago (edited)

    +Christopher Fleming I have a very good idea of what is going on. You are a
    wannabe scammer that wants lots of things, but doesn’t want to earn and pay
    for them. Plus, what you actually regularly do, obviously, is use lots of
    drugs. Put the meth pipe down. You saying you regularly beat cases has
    about as much credibility as you saying you used to be a gremlin that ruled
    over a kingdom on the planet Zingledong. Let’s see some evidence. Don’t
    just say it exists and expect anyone to believe your lying, crazy ass. Give
    some links to government websites that demonstrate that what you claim
    about beating cases is true, meth head.

    P.S. – Learn how to spell and use proper grammar. “Your lazy”? My lazy
    what? LOL Try “YOU’RE.” And of course, I’m not lazy. You are trying to
    criticize me for not going out of my way to find shit that you claim
    exists. It isn’t on me to find your evidence for you, wacko. It is
    hilarious that you think you should be able to acquire all kinds of things
    and not have to work for them, and then you call someone else lazy. Pot,
    meet kettle. And… “appealete”? Try “APPELLATE,” you moron.?
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    1 month ago · Shared publicly

    Please don’t try this. It NEVER works and you could end up in jail. ?

    3 weeks ago

    +Christopher Fleming Shut up and take your shirt off. ?

    Christopher Fleming
    5 days ago

    #1 i dont advise anyone try anything, do or do not. By the way i like how u
    get two thumbs up its cool im not here to teach u anything u already know
    it all right? LoL im not stopping and yea i never once been to jail for A4V
    i go to help innocent guys charged with bullshit whom need guidance &
    latin. I dont have to prove myself or post my record on my videos but
    because u guys continue ur disinfo campaign or whatever it is u trying to
    get me to admit how manny times it works for me? Why i already have u just
    dont beleive n everything in here goes over your heads, why should i tell
    you how my chanel is the only channel or website not asking for donations i
    take calls for free monday – thursday so if u want to debate me u may call
    n do so anytime from 12-9 mon-thursday. Im not gonna argue we can exchange
    ideas or u can call n hang up when i anwser but yea how u claim im scamming
    anyone or even somehow incurring or vering towards criminal activity if
    you’d be please be so kind to sight a reference or case law not just oh
    your gonna go to jail… Duh. I like it, i like beating felony charges n
    driving without a license cases or getting $25k by default in 35 days or
    something im letting the judgement clear the appealability phase (185 days)
    then they cant motion to set aside… You see unlike u i research n i read
    i dont spell right cuz 1 i dont care; #2 your not real n are sponered by
    capital one n bank of america to create new nameless faceless accounts
    everyweek n attempt your disinfo fear campaign n look i let u do because
    its important to illistrate to my few n rare n proud n dilligent
    subscribers whom truely do want to climb out of the rabbits whole with
    thier head on straight n feet on firm ground i never advise or tell people
    what they should do; even you, maybe you cant get a job and you have to
    work for the feds an the only thing u guys say repeatedly is meth head this
    n that n mental illness its becoming very boaring at first it upset me a
    little; but to be 100% honest i done meth everyday in high schhol for 3-5
    months then i said i dont want to be on ADHD pills n be calm n reasoning n ?

  8. thenekom says:

    You honestly think people are going to believe in what amounts to magic?
    Good luck in federal prison.?

  9. Druana Raven MoonShadow says:

    ask them for their books they have non lol?

  10. S ZEB says:

    why do you promote the mark of the beast? The very system you are fighting
    is the epitome of that. A house divided against itself cannot stand.?

  11. TheKaziCo says:

    I was going to ask you a question and also say that you are brilliant, but
    judging by your other comments, you’ll either be to modest or type
    something sac-religious so. ?

  12. Inception1338 says:

    Some got a hint how this one works in Germany??

  13. David Fugere says:

    Thankyou for the info. Not making fun or trying to be an ass, but I was
    curious to know what you have on your head when you turn the camera around
    to tell ppl not to use your shit if they don’t understand what you are
    doing. It looks like a square metal frame on your head. Just wondering what
    it is. Thanks again. Peace out.?

  14. Quincy Booth says:

    What if you have an account that is current and you’re still paying on?
    Say like a car payment, would this work??

  15. Alan D. says:

    This guys been arrested 28 times in three years!! Holy shit do not do what
    this guy is doing unless that sounds like fun, he now claims he ”likes”
    prison its ”fun” talking about fight club, he may be right but OBVIOUSLY
    this shit dont work. Career criminals MIGHT get that many arrests in a
    lifetime, holy shit! Take everything with a grain of salt and realize if it
    were true everybody would be doing it just like everybody gets disability
    by claiming fibromyalgia which cant be proven, ever see those ”been denied
    benefits ” commercials? Thats what those lawyers make a living doing, why
    do you think they take cases for FREE at no risk to you? People will always
    work the system and shit that actually works doesnt land you in jail.?

  16. 2Kaynine100 says:

    Hey Chris, it’s been a number of years since you did this. How are you
    doing with it now? Are they accepting your set offs??

  17. original xry says:

    seems legit?

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