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  1. Anthony Joyetr says:

    Hey I’m just happy to see that a anti-FCUSA thread comes up as the
    4th link when you type “Freedom Club USA” into Google, by far the world’s
    largest search engine. That means the message is getting out and fewer
    people are getting suckered into Tom’s scam. Also the next 3 or four links
    are anti-FCUSA. So when you Google it, the majority of links are on the
    side of truth. A sign that the tide is turning against Tom and he will be
    forced to ante up or spend his life in Federal prison

  2. Anthony Joyetr says:

    FREEDOM CLUB USA They do gladly accept payments for this process, at a
    cost of $3000 per AR, during this pre-launch period. The club, have
    maintained a conduct of never accepting responsibility for any result that
    has emerged from their actions. Members have been through divorces,
    foreclosures, one member is literally living out of their car, and Although
    these members cried out to the club for help, the club has responded with a
    “we’re not responsible” attitude. THIS A BIG SCAM

  3. Anthony Joyetr says:

    FCUSA claims that US currency is just a piece of paper, etc. then why do
    they want your 3300 pieces of paper???? They should ask member to pay in
    precious metals… Retarded scam in my opinion. I found out about this
    because my retired relative joined this so called “club”, and she believes
    that she’ll become a millionaire in any second, and is burning through her
    life savings. In Russia similar scams were made during the devaluation of a
    RUB. Those guys who issued fake notes,

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