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Links: ——————— Hey guys! It’s SwaggerAl here, and I just wanted to show you guys how to make your own …
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  1. Karthick Robo says:

    please it near or bellow neighbour cable (dont tie signal weeken if too
    close )

  2. Justin Melanson says:

    tie the cable lead to the line to you neighbour

  3. Karthick Robo says:

    this video for educational use only

  4. Karthick Robo says:

    make a coil at end it well improve signal quality

  5. Austin Shutt says:

    Cool but illegal.

  6. Justin Melanson says:

    tie it to the wire and clip with paper clips and hack free cable TV what
    channels are there i know the last channel is kids wb or wb

  7. Karthick Robo says:

    channel is ( WB ) dont tie if you dose means cabel operater may know it my
    advise is please it near (change conection as i shown near neighbour line
    thats enough )

  8. yuri boyka says:

    you can use bancore, doesnt even need a tutorial?

  9. Keptified says:

    i live in mi sturgus 2 hours away from u lol?

  10. Yafa Saleh says:

    wait FAKE?

  11. Yafa Saleh says:

    cool ?

  12. Tun Kyaw says:

    but how do you get money on that card??

  13. Nick Cyurs says:

    waste of time?

  14. Aalewis says:

    lol @ you stupid kid?

  15. UXRO says:

    You need card to make this. I add my maestro card and it won’t accept it
    and i’m on same shit like i was before…?

  16. ??????? ?????? says:

    ????? ??????? ???????????

  17. Micky Micky A says:

    fuck wat is this ?

  18. joseph bernard says:

    but he got banned that’s the problem

  19. SpitVenom1984 says:

    why did u get baned

  20. pcgamermc says:

    k lol get a vcc from your bank?

  21. gauravvermaisking says:

    can u help me how to complete billing information and what i type in credit
    card name and number i also watch u r vcc video but it does n’t work and u
    will complete u r video plzz help me if u can so plzzz make another video
    in which u r showing billing in formation

  22. gauravvermaisking says:

    help me plzzz i cant the pass the form becoz of password which type of
    password is this can u suggerst me

  23. David Vila says:


  24. Gamers Reviews says:

    u sure u dont have to top up?

  25. kc091107 says:

    sent pm…. thanks!

  26. Hayden Reno says:

    is this illegal

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