Question by Eu_consigo: Can anyone please help me!!!I’m kind of desperate. I need help……?
omg call me the stupidest person alive or whatever you want. But at this moment I need someone advice or suggestions. I recently got involve in a site where people get to me people etc… but for some particular reasons. I started messaging this girl etc..I’ve seen this girls photos and has seen mine. We both promised a meeting or appointment a session or whatever. I trusted her, and lend her 300 dollars in advance for a session. On the day (of) she was suppose to call me with details and etc.. and she then messages me saying everything got stolen from Phone, wallet etc…… omg I’m not buying that. I think she took my money.. what should I do… please

I’ve been kind of out my head lately. It hasn’t been like me really. I’ve been doing very stupid desperate things. I know you probably thing I’m weird of saying this but really I think I learned my lesson and I’ll wont do it again.
It started because recently I learned what BDSM was, and I was just curious of trying it out (i know i know that’s crazy) i started messaging this girl and she said ok we’ll meet up and your session will cost 300 dollars. She asked to pay her in advance using a visa prepaid which I did. Then on the day of she messages me saying that everything got stolen. she’s literally asking me for more money. I want to report this but, I have no idea where to begin. I’m scared what people are going to think of me. I don’t even know is this stuff legal. please help me ty

she messaged me saying that I should get 300 dollars with my credit card.even if I go over my limit, she saying that she’ll pay for that. omg

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Answer by penelope2232
report her to the credit card company dispute the charges

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