Question by Be Brave and happy ??: Can I get a debit card like this for a school trip?
I am going on a school band trip to Orlando, Florida (which is like 7 hours away) and i need extra money for lunch,snack,dinner, and other random things. since it is 5 days, i need around $ 75 dollars for it.
Im scared i might loose some of it, so is there anyways I could do this:
Can I get a debit card JUST FOR THE 5 DAYS IM THERE (and then it automatically shuts down) and make a bank account for it, but keep the bank account as a savings thing ( i know i can do the bank thing.) If i could do that, i would have to worry about loosing all that money….
If I can, where and how can I?

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Answer by STEVEN F
You can buy a PREPAID Visa/MasterCard at nearly any bank or grocery store. You shouldn’t link a debit card to a savings account because there are legal limits the the NUMBER of withdraws in a given month, and you DO plan to exceed those limits.

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