Question by no_kidding!: Can I get a phone contract under the age of 18 if someone legal signs for it?
I turned 17 today…yay for me! and i want my v3 Razr but my mom doesnt have great credit, Can I get the contract in my name and have someone over 18 with good credit sign for me? If so, which phone carriers can I get (for the v3) and how much will the phone and service cost me?..thanx

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Answer by funkyfreshlifeone
yes you can do that. also you can sign up for a prepaid account regardless of your credit. this phone can be used with cingular or t-mobile (as long as you can find someone to unlock it for t-mobile) check ebay for unlocking codes. youll need your imei number from the phone (type in *#06# and your phone will display it.) good luck.

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