Question by BarbieFBlaze: Can I sue Everest University Online?
I was pursuing my education at everest university online for a two year degree in medical billing and coding. I for this last semester was doing not so well and called student services to find out what the minium was to pass the class I was concerned with. The student services rep told me 60% she is on record as telling me this, I have her name the date her extension and verification from three other people at everest that this is what she told me. Come to find out the answer was 70% I failed the class with a 69.20%. If she would have told me 70% is passing I could have turned in a homework assignment late and passed. Then to make it all crazier nobody ever contacted me to say I failed. I had family flying in to go to my graduation I even had prepaid for my professional certification test which totals out to be 1298.00 that is none refundable. I can’t take the test because I havent graduated.On top of that they want me to pay to retake this class I failed. They have submitted a request to have the class retaken by me for free but that doesn’t change the fact that jobs I would have applied for and gotten I won’t get loss of income, how about the airline tickets, hotel reservations money I am out of, what about the aapc fees I have paid that I can’t take advantage of or the certifications I can’t obtain but paid for. On top of that they are not calling me back I am calling them, they never know anything, and unltimately I am just out of money, not in control, and my future looks as dark as it ever has. I have been a trooper and I have been patient but something has to give. What can I do?

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Answer by Hank Hill
You would lose.

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