Choice Privileges and/or runs a scam to collect your information then never follow through with their offer. They change the meaning (USES T…

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  1. Rosie Wright says:

    I absolutely do not understand all these people with the problems. I have
    been a choice card holder for over 10 years, absolutely not 1 single
    problem. I have built up so many points that we go away 2x’s a year and
    stay free, by calling choicehotels and booking our rooms for points. 5-6
    nights each time we go. Is there something that you are not
    understanding??. Just use your credit card and watch the points grow, you
    will be shocked. Talk about getting something for nothing I LOVE THIS
    CREDIT CARD!!!! I shop around when applying for credit cards and pick the
    one’s that are the best for me. This one in particular is one of the best
    one’s out there.?

  2. Eph2Eight says:

    The fine-print of the offer says: “Trips at Econo Lodge®, Rodeway Inn®,
    Suburban Extended Stay Hotel®, or MainStay Suites® hotels must be a minimum
    of two consecutive nights.” I stayed at Comfort Inn and Suites two separate
    times in the summer of 2014 and now can pick a $50 gift card from the
    following: Shell, Exxon/Mobil, BP, Texaco/Chevron, and Sunoco, Darden
    restaurants (Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Bahama Breeze, Longhorn Steakhouse)
    and Great deal for me! One of the rooms was only $47 for 6
    people and included a hot breakfast!?

  3. 1dducks says:

    I stayed two separate times. got my points. redeemed them 7/13 and have not
    receieved my gift card yet. its an amazon card. just give me the code! I
    will stay elsewhere. ?

  4. charles suslo says:

    Yes, absolutely worst card ever. I would never use Barclays bank for
    anything again.
    Total waste of time and credit. T E R R I B LE
    I might at, I would never again stay at Choice Hotels: Comfort Inn, Quality
    Inn, Sleep Inn, Clarion, Comfort Suits. And would never have before either:
    Roadway Inn, Econo Lodge. ?

  5. archersfriend says:

    Brandi Surplus, What a stupid bitch. I report FACTS and Expose Scams as
    well as things and places that are not lying and cheating folks.

  6. Ron Treat says:

    They ripped me off by not enrolling me properly until I should have already
    earned my first free night. Anyone know how to fix this and get the free
    night I earned.

  7. tauries69 says:

    I have been with choice for years…I have redeem points from them as well
    as stayed for free at different choice hotels on points…I have all ways
    redeemed my points with no problem as well as recieved my free night stays
    when I was suppose to…next redeeminng points to stay at one of choice
    resorts…I LOVE CHOICE…

  8. archersfriend says:

    Glad you are happy, I say they are lying, scamming, bastards and my
    experience proves it for me.

  9. tauries69 says:

    so excited I meant to say redeeming points for a great trip to one of
    choice resorts…

  10. Brandi Surplis says:

    boy all you do is bitch and complain about everything are you never happy
    with anything?

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