Nikki talks to Comcast’s Chris Dunkeson who has all the details on how Xfinity Internet Prepaid Service will give you the internet you want and the flexibili…

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  1. Marshall Faircloth says:

    this is bull shit i called and paid the company and i keep getting the 3rd
    degree and told my adress was locked due to someone else owing a huge bill
    here at my adress and i cant get the service whitch is a bunch of hog was
    and ive had to call the company many times and had to call 2 times to get a
    refund of my money i feel like im just getting the run around.1st they tell
    you your adress is ok then next a bunch of run around how gay is that.
    comcast is a good internet provider but for them t say my adress is locked
    due to someone else bill its pre paid i oww a huge bill to verizon and ive
    got pre paidf with them pre paid is prepaid if i pay you in advance i
    shouldnt get the run around.?

  2. J RIV says:

    i have this service 3mega and i love it i play xbox live without problem
    bye bye clear internet 😀

  3. PHILLYS1RED says:

    is this unlimited service? and has wifi like clear?

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