Personal injuries can take place in many scenarios and due to many different reasons. Traffic accidents are some of the most common causes of personal injuries. Traffic accidents are also one of the most common occurrences where the person who causes the damage has ample chance of escaping the scene. Some people run away because they don’t want to pay for the damages they have caused while others end up doing it because they panic. Whatever the case is, if you are injured you need to be reimbursed. At times this is not possible unless a personal injury lawyer is involved.

For example, the person who has hit you due to his negligence is trying to escape and not pay for the damages. You cannot take the matter personally in your hands. What if the other person has hired a lawyer to prove that it was your fault due to which the accident took place? What if you are being contacted by the insurance company of the person offering you some money to drop the case? In some cases it is difficult to prove whose fault it was. There are many other scenarios where you will need the help of a personal injury lawyer to protect your rights.

Here is the damage you will incur if you don’t hire a personal injury lawyer on time:

When You Don’t Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer On Time

  • You might not be able to receive any compensation for the damages done to you.
  • You will have to pay for the medical bills from your pocket and you know how costly it can be.
  • You will also have to pay from your insurance the costs of damages done to your car.
  • Since you won’t hire any lawyer and it will not be proved that it was the other person’s fault, your insurance company might consider revising your premiums. The premiums will definitely go higher and this is going to be the biggest financial damage to you since it is a permanent damage.
  • The insurance company of the offender might offer you a very small amount and somehow persuade you to accept it. Only later you will realize that this amount wasn’t enough to pay your medical bills and fix the damages done to your vehicle.
  • The case might have already lost its strength and potential if you take too much time in contacting the lawyer. Lawyers are always more interested in fresh cases as things are easier to prove and work with.

Not hiring a personal injury lawyer when you need one could be the most unwise decision of your life. If you think you deserve compensation for the damages done to you, contact a lawyer right now. Be sure to perform a thorough research before you pick a lawyer to fight your case. Look for the most experienced lawyers in your area and use the references of your friends and office colleagues to find a lawyer who can represent you well.

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Joel Farar is a founding partner at Farar & Lewis LLP, a Los Angeles personal injury law firm.

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