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  1. TrinityRourke says:

    God damn dude… See, this is the music I feel that could change the world.
    Not this teeny-pop, Lady Gaga Justin Bieber Rihanna Nicki Minaj bullshit,
    fuck, I just want to grab all of their mindless heads and shove them
    towards my computer screen and shout, “LISTEN TO THIS, MOTHERFUCKER”

    The way that he sings, “The way that you left me is alright, it’s alright.”
    Just gets me every time. You can literally hear the pain in his voice
    throughout it all, you KNOW when he was sitting in that recording booth,
    wherever he was, he was thinking about that girl that made him write this
    song, whoever she may be. Just, the sheer and utter torture in his voice,
    and to sing in such a manner to say, “It’s alright.” Is the most
    heartbreaking thing.

    THIS needs to be on the radio nowadays. THIS is what I’m going to be
    showing my kids in the future. THIS is real, emotional, raw music, that the
    world needs to hear more of.?

  2. CodGlitchesHD says:

    i hatw this song because it makes me think of my ex :( i miss her so much?

  3. GRACE SUEDE says:

    Don’t paint me black when I used to be golden omg my feels I love this song
    I cried for 1 hour and 28 minutes. I’m gonna crime now #crying. *crying*?

  4. Michael Pasqua says:

    There’s parts of this song that remind me of that Finger Eleven song “One
    Thing”. Both are rad.?

  5. Tiffany Madrox says:

    it felt amazing to not see a single negative comment when I scrolled down.
    Rad :) <3 ?

  6. MaxMorerTDWC says:

    It’s been 3 years since my ex and I still miss her. More and more everyday.
    I don’t even care if I die some days because my heart hurts so much without
    her in my life and I feel like everyday spent without her is a waste. I
    feel empty?

  7. cris lopez says:

    everybody here go listen to their new EP!?

  8. Nathan Gonzalez says:

    This song is dedicated to my good friend Alberto who died in a car accident
    yesterday morning. He was only 18 years old and I just graduated last month
    with him. He was so full of life and had a bright future ahead of him. I
    love you dude, I’ll see you when it is time.?

  9. Kylie Armentha says:

    This album is the soundtrack of my life tbh.?

  10. kingjrlou says:

    such beautiful lyrics?

  11. Paul Economon says:

    The Story So Far “Clairvoyant” What a great freaking tune!!! And it just
    landed in my lap on a free download, that I didn’t ask for or know about. ?

  12. Jessica Marie says:

    Dear ex-boyfriend, you loved this song and I’m sure you now dedicate this
    song to me. But I wouldn’t dare paint you black, ever. Peace.?

  13. GRACE SUEDE says:

    We argue the point and we yell and we fight ?

  14. Bellerina05 says:

    …I will never tire of this track <3?

  15. Madeline Weiss Elric says:

    The Story So Far “Clairvoyant”
    You know what’s perfect.
    *This song*.

    – Maddy <3?

  16. kingjrlou says:

    Wow this song is amazing :)?

  17. AVery CoollKid says:

    Oh my god this song is spot on with my life right now…?

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