How to fix the issue “could not activate cellular data network” on iPhones running iOS 6 or 7. If cellular data is enabled for your account and you’re still …

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  1. Mitchell Girt says:

    Didn’t work for me. So far I have done a restore and that’s when it quit
    working initially. I know, you’re thinking why did I do a restore? What
    does it matter? Many hours on phone with Straight Talk and a few hours at
    an Apple store and still nothing. I have a Strait Talk iPhone 5 CDMA (no
    sim). I have done a few more resets and restores. I have jumped through
    this hoop and that hoop, still nothing. I have tried this as well to no
    avail. I think there is something much more sinister going on with my
    carrier. So frustrated! Thank you though…?

  2. ishamani simon says:

    unfortanitly, my 5s still has the problem but simple mobile said nothin
    they could do my options are out with factory master reset plz help ;(?

  3. ThatCLeigh says:

    didnt work… thanks though!?

  4. Jason Ballantyne says:

    Turning off 4G in Mobile data fixed the problem for me – weird!?

  5. dawn belshaw says:

    worked beautifully thank you?

  6. Jordan Damon says:

    Thanks so much I was so annoyed and it worked I couldn’t believe it ?

  7. Obada Khattab says:

    Many thanks man :) It worked with iPhone 4s working on IOS7?

  8. Antoinette Jooste says:

    Thank you it really helped!!! I was so frustrated… ?

  9. chantalepiche says:

    Worked great for my husband’s iPhone4s! Thanks!?

  10. Johan Geertsema says:

    Thanks, worked for my iPhone 5 on iOS8.0.2?

  11. Velotrol daka says:

    Thank you very much for taking the time to make this video, it helped me a

  12. burntreesjs says:

    this worked, thanks.?

  13. Cristian Hernandez says:

    Thank you man it worked!?

  14. jawaid ibrahim says:

    not works?

  15. Lynn Barron says:

    Thanks! It worked!?

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