Credit Card Debt - A Student's Story

Do you know the real cost of using a credit card? Robyn Beck does – now.

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  1. calquig says:

    It is amazing to me how many people leave such negative comments on a story
    like this. Instead of boasting about how much “you saved” and how stupid
    everyone else is that didn’t do what you did, how about teaching kids how
    not to make the same mistake. How about volunteering at your church to
    teach money saving techniques. Posers….

  2. avataz says:

    I don’t get these idiots. I’ve had a credit card since I was 18 and never
    paid a dime in interest. You people are some real suckers

  3. vdoppee says:

    Hey! I am a rocket scientist. The whole reason for her situation is the
    choices she made while in college. Keeping up with the Jones’ is always a
    fatal flaw.

  4. Traces1000 says:

    I know a guy who used his credit card to buy a house before…Exactly like
    normal home loan except he’s paying 50%interest rate :)

  5. TheJmanster says:

    Get a degree in business administration. Best life choice ever!

  6. Bullsight2020 says:

    I HEART you Robyn!

  7. Mike V says:

    @Mokothar Very very true!!! Idk what’s so hard about controlling spending
    habits. I have an Amazon credit card to build up my credit and that’s it.
    But multiple credit cards?! I have no sympathy for this girl…..

  8. NYBankruptcyLawyer1 says:

    Sad but typical.

  9. Jeffrey Teruel says:

    College Students: Avoid Credit Cards!

  10. mehappierthanu says:

    I agree with you fully, a lot of what students don’t understand is basic
    common sense. But shes not a rare case I know tons of students doing this!

  11. TheFunnysamnoob333 says:

    She reminds me of my dad. My dad is a barber. And he has $70,000 credit
    card dept. And he said as soon as i get a credit card to let him borrow it.
    I rather kill myself and enjoy doing it.

  12. Mokothar says:

    Spring break and eating out with friends … oh yeah and some materialistic
    stuff as well *FACEPALM* People: I’m about to graduate college with a
    degree in biochemistry and 2 grand in my bank account to get me through my
    first months of renting/employment debt free as well. Why? Because I worked
    hard and spent less than I made. Aint exactly rocket science.

  13. Greencloud8 says:

    I like her cause she aknowledges the problem and well is dealing with it.

  14. dochokeana says:

    @crumcon Regarding the computer a more dependable (even if expensive) one
    may be a sound long-term investment rather than a cheap one. Why? Well if
    you say pay $1000 or so for a more expensive one where’s a high chance that
    it lasts for five or more years. Buy a cheap one and you’ll have to re-buy
    it every year or so because they break down regardless of how careful you
    are. The cheapest ones I’ve seen are around $250-$300 ($1250 to $1500 spent
    over the same time frame). Do the math.

  15. tbutters321 says:

    7,000 is nothing try 20,000

  16. roxcyn says:

    With the new credit card law, you must be 21 years old or older. If between
    18 to 20 you must show proof of incoming and/or co-sign with an adult 21
    years or older. Also high schools are having students learn about credit. I
    believe the new rules and the new classes will make people learn better how
    to use credit and budget their money! :)

  17. hisloveisthedrug says:

    i know a guy who has a fine arts degree…hes a manager at taco bell.. and
    7000 dollars in debt? really? thats nothing..

  18. Bollog Nyessy says:

    well that comment wasn’t sanctimonious OR annoying!

  19. IwillKillYourCereal says:

    @tbutters321 Try 80,000! Here in NY, the average cost of a year of college
    (including room and board) is about 20,000.

  20. Mr Eighty says:

    “wish I could do those things now” still havent learned? when I drive in
    wealthy neighborhoods and see early 2000s hondas on the driveways that says

  21. sugarfoot82 says:

    thanks for sharing that with someone who just applied for het first credit
    card….very informative=)

  22. ToSaveANationDotCom says:

    And people wonder why America is falling behind in education. This person
    graduated from COLLEGE and STILL doesn’t seem to understand money…

  23. pakz193 says:

    a degree in fine arts and high interest credit card payments, typical
    american college graduate

  24. rayme4raw says:

    Robin is typical, most parents don’t teach their kids about how much things
    really costs. Once I moved out, it was only then that I learned how much
    the electric bill, water bill and cable bill was. Learning about how much
    repairs on the house costs.

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