Top Option 0min US Traders 0min If you are not able to fund your account via credit card you have sever…

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  1. far eastz says:

    nice shirt man XD?

  2. lucrative84 says:

    I could’nt see you saying that out loud, lol…

  3. Michael Freeman says:

    Hi Marlon, thank you for the comment! they use to and they still keep that
    logo lol but I think that 24Option accepts AMEX as well as XPMarkets I made
    reviews on both companies. You can always fund your account with
    MoneyBookers using AMEX and deposit money into your account with Anyoption
    using MoneyBookers, it’s a 3rd party E-wallet, either way it’s safer to use
    an E-wallet with online transactions. Mike

  4. TheRodnie 94 says:


  5. Michael Freeman says:

    Hi Brandon, some prepaid cards work if it says ‘international’ somewhere on
    the card, in most cases it’s going to decline if it’s not an international
    prepaid card. Mike

  6. Tip B says:

    Hey Mike, you are revolutionary, does 24opion support money bookers? and
    what is the limit on withdrawals from the 24 option account?

  7. Michael Freeman says:

    Thanks for the comment! If you go under ‘banking’ on the Anyoption platform
    and click your country, it will give you all the different depositing
    methods available. I know that domestic wire transfer is accepted from most
    countries around the world and I am pretty sure you can use both MoneyGram
    and WesternUnion. Mike

  8. Spartan Butler says:

    Hi Michael, love your vids. Im in the U.S and i deposited money using my
    card. I’ve had the account for about 6-7 months but i plan on making a
    withdrawal soon. My question is how long does a withdrawal take? I sent a
    copy of my Card and license a few days ago. But how long does it take for
    the money to hit my account once i make a withdrawal if im withdrawing to
    the card i originally made my deposit with?

  9. Patty Watty says:

    Heya Mike i live in New Zealand and is using a credit card to deposit money
    do i have to convert the money i am depositing in order to reach the 200
    USD minimum ? or do i fall under the same category as nigeria ? cause i
    keep getting invalid amount even though there is money and international
    transactions have been unblocked ? #confusedTraderush

  10. samba jaiteh says:

    can u withdraw to paypal

  11. Marlon Matic says:

    Hi Michael, Anyoption is not accepting AMEX?

  12. Michael Freeman says:

    I made a few videos on trading signals, there are several signal services
    offering a free trial membership for new traders such as with Signal Feeds
    while many services are expensive, especially if you deposit a low starting
    amount. I head about mbfx and mostly good things but I personally never
    tried the service. Thanks for the comment! Mike

  13. Michael Freeman says:

    Hey Patty, There is no issue with New Zealand, in fact all brokers will
    accept you. If you deposit with a credit card the balance will
    automatically change to US Dollars or the currency you choose to your
    account. Top Option is also available for you and they have a lower
    minimum, they are also fully licensed and regulated. You can check out the
    platform below the video and of course email me if you have any other
    questions! Have a nice week! Mike

  14. Armani Stocks says:

    Have you tried cashu? They aren’t letting me deposit with my credit card
    for GOptions and I was wondering how withdrawal works for cashu!

  15. n3cro101 says:

    Hey bro can i fund with no card at all? Like moneygram?

  16. Vishnu Vardhan says:

    can i fund with paypal or payza

  17. Param Subramanium says:

    Totally! It would be faster to withdraw your funds to Moneybookers an then
    to your bank from Moneybookers than to do it directly with the platform.
    Credit card withdrawals are the fastest from my experience. Mike

  18. Brandon Lee says:

    can i use a pre-paid credit card on xpmarkets?

  19. socialperson says:

    funny t shirt!.

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