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  1. bitbucketcynic says:

    Peter gets it right about 90% of the time, but the problem is that other
    10%. When he’s wrong, people throw out the other 90% he got right and go
    listen to the ivory tower Keynesian talking heads that are wrong 90% of the
    time. Nobody is completely prescient.?

  2. petulia kowchee says:

    Your fuckin stupid how can you or anyone get up there and lie your ass
    off?? Now it’s a year later and I’m sure your stories turned around since
    then where mines stayed the same?

  3. mathew idicula says:

    He is on record saying Janet Yellen sees no value in the doller, well
    whatever ( I don’t know if he says it in this clip, and I’m not going to
    sit through this jabbering jackass’s clip to call him on it ) but he
    himself sees no value in the doller. He sees no value in it being the world
    curreny, and I would love nothing more then to hear him extort the value in
    a gold economy, I would roast him and feed on the ashes of this yammering,
    stammering Dickension charcature. ?

  4. Gaius Caligula says:

    Ben Bernanke’s net worth: $2million
    Janet Yellen’s net worth: $13 million
    Peter Schiff’s net worth: $70 million
    Jim Rogers net Worth: $300 million

    But when it came to fixing the economy the first person who came to mind
    was Bernanke. The person who replaced him was Yellen. Peter Schiff and Jim
    Rogers have such an cynically accurate understanding of how these chairmen
    of the fed think that they profit more from the market than the people who
    control the market. But both Rogers and Schiff are doubted and sometimes
    mocked when they stand up and profess their observances. It is hilarious!?

  5. annihal8ter says:

    this guy has been wrong on allot of things if anybody is really interested
    in real economics I suggest Mike Stathis?

  6. Peter Schiff says:
  7. Michael Dann says:

    This guy believes that bonds are about to collapse because of excess debt?

    That view is incompatible with US bond rates. As evidenced by our bond
    rates, bond market participants clearly believe the US bond market is one
    of the most solid in the world.?

  8. orange70383 says:

    There is no national debt, that’s just the big tool they can use to do
    anything they want.

  9. Terrance Kern says:


  10. propagandatoday says:

    Short sighted opinion Mr. Schiff. There is value, real value, in a currency
    that can not be manipulated. And as the world’s currencies continue their
    downward spiral from the very manipulation bitcoin avoids, the value of
    bitcoin increases, because the demand for an effective currency increases.
    The world sees the US dollar in trouble, and without any other paper
    currency better than the dollar, the demand for an alternate is inevitable,
    and real.?

  11. Pavel Popela says:
  12. Jonathon Hurley says:
  13. Oscar Alberto Amiune says:
  14. Oscar Alberto Amiune says:
  15. FreeSheep says:

    That’s fine but I couldn’t find a single nice ass in the busy streets of
    asia, that’s a travesty.

  16. FreeSheep says:

    I wish you won the presidency, oh wait, you did.

  17. says:

    In Australia if the budget isn’t passed in time we kick every member of
    parliament (similar to congress) out and have an election for every seat.
    So yeah, our pollies really try their hardest to pass the budget every year

  18. Joe M. says:

    Peter Schiff is right AGAIN!!!!

  19. peter meter says:

    3rd jewish fed chairman in a row. Its so friking obvious who is running
    things. Thanks Peter anyway you are one of the few good ones.

  20. omgiheartpie says:

    or the massive current account deficits we ran?

  21. niltomega says:

    U.S tax Revenue : 2,170,000,000,000 Fed budget : 3,820,000,000,000 New Debt
    : 1,650,000,000,000 National Debt : 16,805,000,000,000 Recent Budget cuts :
    38,500,000,000 Let’s now remove 8 zeros and pretend it’s a household
    budget: Annual family income: 21,700 Money the family spent: 38,200 New
    debt on the credit card 16,500 Outstanding balance on the credit card:
    168,050 Total budget cuts so far: 38.50 Simplified for Liberals. When
    drowning in shit should you raise the ceiling or remove shit?

  22. baknueven says:

    1. Consumers are idiots 2. The jobs added haven’t been close to 200,000 per
    month and the ones added are part-time or government jobs 3.Car sales are
    up because of cheap money (low interest rates) 4. The stock market is a
    bubble inflated with printed money that will evaporate faster than boiling
    water once the easy money disappears Lastly, the only thing that has
    doubled since obama took office is the national debt.

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