If you are considering a debt settlement program you really need to Learn the Truth regarding these programs. Fo…
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  1. valentinrobert1 says:

    Please do your research, the clients funds are held in their own escrow
    account, not the debt settlement companies account. Second, If a creditor
    decides to sue there are many variables that come into play, most
    importantly state legislation, some states do not allow wage garnishment.
    Debt settlement offers many advantages which you failed to list. Please do
    your research

  2. Betsy Dollars says:

    thanks for the info…check out my video?

  3. nancyllang says:

    Due to the recession, credit card companies are now offering bail-out
    programs. To see if you qualify, visit us @

  4. roxcyn says:

    A lot of times you can call the companies yourself to agree to a
    settlement. It would take more time than other paid companies but then you
    can keep your own money instead of having to pay them!

  5. mitchellberry says:

    credit solutions is one of the WORST companies to go with. they don’t
    actually settle your accounts. they just steal your money. thats why
    there’s a massive class action lawsuit against them. and, they have an
    affiliate program to get more clients. thats why this person is posting
    this. DO NOT go with that company.

  6. debtsettlementstory says:

    This is a good start to the debt settlement conversation. There are a lot
    of unscrupulous companies out there. I used a company called Consumer
    Recovery Network that charged me $1150 to settle $130,000 of unsecured
    debt. It took 6 months and my final settlement amount was $40,000 or 28
    cents on the dollar. Their fee of $1150 was minuscule compared to other
    companies whose fees were on average $10,000..or more! I am blogging about
    it at debtsettlementstory (dot) com

  7. blackbelted says:

    He is spot on my wife and I tried to go threw consumer law group they said
    they settle with Us bank we had a balance of 6200.00 they settle for 600.00
    wow what a deal but US bank still keeped our account open and still owing
    5400.00 and we were still getting sewed from other creditors what a wast of
    money finally filed bankruptcy 13 and the payment was the same per month
    imagin that!

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