Many people have read or have heard information from divorce lawyers or their interest groups that the world will end if you do a diy divorce, yet if you browse the adverts on Google, you will see that lawyers have realised that people are not falling for their scare stories, and are trying (often in vain) to launch their own diy divorce services, as the lucrative hourly rate divorce work is starting to dry up.

With legal aid being withdrawn for the majority of divorce cases on April 1st 2013, an estimated 200,000 people per year will now need to find alternative sources of funding or different ways of dealing with family law issues and Divorce Online are already ahead of the rest of the legal profession in offering low cost, fixed fee divorce work.

There are a number of diy divorce websites in the UK and Divorce Online are the oldest and by far the largest, having launched in 2000, with the help of specialist divorce solicitors and Barristers. The company was the first to have a publicised diy divorce, when Paul Wilmott, a derivatives guru, became the first person in the UK to divorce online.

Since then the company have invested heavily in creating technology to accurately and quickly create a range of divorce documents and to provide clients with online access to their cases. The interface between client and company is called Divorce Trak and enables the client and case manager to communicate securely.

Managed divorce services have also been added to their portfolio of services whereby the whole divorce process is handled by the firm, including filing the divorce petition. Dealing with the decree nisi application, financial consent order and finally the decree absolute. The average time to process a divorce is a very respectable 14 weeks.

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