What is an easement? An easement allows a second party, such as a neighbor or utility company, access to your property. An easement is limited to a small par…

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  1. limppimento55 says:

    If an easement states “for the purpose of putting in a roadway” does that
    also allow the addition of utilities as well?

  2. Dj7baylum says:

    @dinyar65 Landlocked properties are not allowed. If a parcel is landlocked
    the court will grant a Right Of Way (ROW) Easment by necessity or an
    easment by prescription. the “Dominant Tenant” is the land that needs the
    ROW , The “Servient Tenant” is the land that the (ROW) crosses to use for
    the landlocked property.

  3. bassvibrateyaface says:

    @chinquita1 Are you saying the previous owner of your property granted
    permission or an easement? If it’s only permission, that is likely
    revocable given that you are now the owner. It seems very strange that the
    prior owner would grant this either way, but if it’s a full legal easement
    you may want to consult a lawyer to figure out termination options.

  4. Dj7baylum says:

    @boynton100 Sometimes if a easement is for a lesser use , like a neighbor
    crossing land to get to a river , than when there is a new owner or the
    current owner dies the easement may terminate.

  5. FascistBros says:

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  6. ExpertRealEstateTips says:

    It may well provide for utilities as well. It depends on what the easement
    is for. Ilyce Glink

  7. Dinyar Jalnawalla says:

    How is a new easement acquired? If the property is land locked.

  8. meykimtina1 says:

    @limppimento55 can we remove easement out of title if they abuse it there
    right is it going to cost me a lot of money ?

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