EBAY SHIPPING TIPS | Cutting Down A USPS Box To Make Your Own Custom Box.

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  1. 50nollieman says:

    Are boxes still free? I checked and now I think you have to pay for them :/?

  2. Bob Wilson says:

    This is a new warning about altering USPS shipping supplies. This also
    applies to boxes, but the flat rate envelope is the one most altered
    because its the cheapest.

  3. fish med says:

    Forgot one more thing Look inside the priority boxes why do you thing they
    are printed inside? Cause people were turning them inside out and shipping
    that way?

  4. fish med says:

    I understand that Priority Mail Express™, Priority Mail®, Global Express
    Guaranteed®, Priority Mail Express International™ and Priority Mail
    International® packaging is the property of the United States Postal
    Service and is provided solely for sending Priority Mail Express™, Priority
    Mail®, Global Express Guaranteed®, Priority Mail Express International™ and
    Priority Mail International®. Misuse may be a violation of federal law

    It is considered misuse, even though you are still using the boxes. I
    used to ship live worms I put holes in side of the 7 x7 x 6 for air. They
    considered misuse. Your post office might except it but on buyers end they
    may not. Just helping out here. I like your videos?

  5. fish med says:

    USPS boxes are not allowed to be altered. Some post offices may allow but
    if you check on the site you are not allowed to. They used to give rolls of
    priority tape out also but too many people were using the tape for
    everything but the packages.?

  6. globalvoodoo says:

    Cutting down boxes are good but when you mess with USPS boxes, you can get
    in trouble. If you don’t believe me go ask USPS. Its best to do it right
    and spend the pennies on the right box if you are trying to save money on
    shipping, this process seems like a waste of time and time is money. Using
    USPS Boxes the wrong way is a Federal Law!!

  7. Picking Profits says:

    Thankfully almost everything I sell fits in a padded flat rate envelope and
    that is just a tad more than $5 which can’t be beat!

  8. Picking Profits says:

    I have heard a lot from different people but the only thing I have heard
    from the manager at MY USPS (apparently it varies) is that you can alter
    USPS Boxes but only ones that are not flat rate or regional. Some say flat
    rate and regional boxes can’t bulge. Some day it doesn’t matter. I would
    say if your USPS lets you get away with something then you should take full

  9. jpab29YT says:

    Did you mail it as priority mail still?

  10. Begbucks says:

    You demonstrate way too much work. Why not just place the item in the box
    (surrounded by adequate padding) Take a utility knife & score the corners
    above the item or the padding line & then fold the flaps onto & over one
    another (if usps you pack upside down to have the label info on top & the
    folded flaps underneath) ~ A cinch! This is a proper way & a far cry the
    way I used to step & sit on packages to bring down to size lol

  11. Picking Profits says:

    No, this is a priority box the O # 7 box. It is the largest one, and so it
    is the best for cutting down to different heights.

  12. Picking Profits says:

    Yes you are allowed to modify priority mail but not priority flat rate
    boxes or priority regional boxes.

  13. Picking Profits says:

    hmmm interesting. They don’t mind you “reshaping” them? Lol I thought they
    could not be modified in any way? I certainly know they can’t be bulging or
    at least are not supposed to be!

  14. ramirez4898 says:

    Thanks for the tip

  15. RwillFinishStrong says:

    I use the bubble wrap that has the large bubbles as void fill saves time
    and doesn’t add much weight…I also use Begbucks method, but I can see
    using your method on a larger item…I shipped a large board game this
    week, which was 28″ long but only 3″ high, your method would ave been
    perfect..thanks for the tip

  16. Picking Profits says:

    You could have wrapped it in brown package paper but then you would risk
    the game getting mangled or destroyed during shipment. Also, the box is
    included in the price of the shipping, as they provide it for free. This
    box was not a regional or flat rate box, and so it would have been the same
    rate as a brown paper covered package.

  17. Picking Profits says:

    I find that using this method it adds increased strength to the box. I cut
    down boxes as you described when the weight does matter though. Also, the
    other reason I prefer this method specifically is that sometimes people
    don’t have all the supplies or they are limited. In an ideal world I would
    just dump in a ton of bubble wrap if I had an infinite supply. Also I
    wanted to demonstrate the capabilities and allowances of modifying USPS
    priority mail boxes for beginners or those who were unaware

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