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NASA has completely shut down its website, making it impossible for users to obtain important information. When attempting to get to the site, the user is greeted with a notice that says “Due…
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  1. usnrnurse says:

    Well Glenn! I think you’re the best thing on radio and TV! You go man!

  2. tsenaku says:

    What he, like most other republicans/business men are really affraid of is
    that the rich will have to compensate for the middle class and under’s tax
    breaks, and he’s affraid that fox will collapse under a socialist
    government because it has capitalist ideals, media is made to scare people
    because scary stories sell, and in a capitalist economy selling is more
    than what your buying is everything, america on a whole isn’t verr good at

  3. DavosLogos says:

    Glenn beck the retard. Our new conspiracy nutjob. We will miss you Alex ,
    welcome Glennofagg.

  4. HLGxFeaR says:

    I’ve come to the conclusion Glen that your either mentally retarded or a
    genius. Most likely your just mentally retarded. Yea definitely retarded.

  5. Paul Gilbert says:

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  6. Michael IsBe Lupo says:

    You stupid ignorant idiot; learn to write ” If you was President ? ” the
    good news is not much will be lost if this catastrophe happens. ?

  7. Paul Gilbert says:

    December Prophecies (Earth changes ) posted on 19th September
    December Prophecies (Earth changes )
    something hidden will be seen in the Heavens showing two suns
    Hercolubus. WHAT??????

  8. Set Grit says:

    i saw a orange light go across then drop on the 9th?

  9. Mohd Fuad says:


  10. Richard Javier says:

    Don’t you know some of the UFO space ship helping People Earth to Blasting
    Comet before it hit on the ground?

  11. AtheistRex says:

    With incredible stupidity comes incredibly stupid videos.?

  12. Milford Kemp says:

    YouTube is “Misinformation Central!” Every warning is pure bogus BS!?

  13. 25gamb says:

    ison = fake?

  14. Chase Hatch says:

    You think this is a game? Some kind of joke? I’ve never been more
    serious in my life. I’m just trying to do my part, what little part I am
    even capable of, to try to help my fellow humans out. What you do with
    your life is your choice. But me? I’m going into the stars. I will
    gladly leave this planet and the Reptiles behind.

  15. Nuno C says:

    2:30 is exactly what happened to ison in break up spread out … The theory
    of the small is also is also for the large and vice versa . If you truly
    want to know what state of ison and and what we will face…how there it is
    and how it occurred 2:30 of this video shows it.. Pause at 2:50 break up
    and picture the that earth has to pass threw that at the same speed as fast
    as the comet break up… ?

  16. Tiny Teardrops says:

    Life is short, and each of our own end will come quick enough (and it will
    be more natural than unnatural), so don’t get all freaked out with bullshit
    science & space, etc. Humans love “End of the world scenarios”, but it
    always comes up empty & meaningless, like so many video’s on You-Tube. Car
    accidents, storms, falls, gun shots, wild animals, etc, claim MORE lives
    than any stupid rock from space EVER will, so relax, have a cold beer, and
    don’t let theories tweak your brain?

  17. Kaidec0910 says:

    Pause at 1:55 there is a small one just before the big one comes. Nice
    video, thanks for sharing.?

  18. Douglas Huesar says:

    Oh well,it has been fun while it lasted,gonna miss my apple
    products,Netflix,YouTube,Hulu+,my cats,my Prius-C,my job,Sirius sats Howard
    Stern Show,Jay Thomas Show,MSNBC,I will not miss the GOP , but wait,I will
    be dead,and how can I miss anything if I will be dead? Oh well, Ba Ba Booey
    to ya all !?

  19. thetick532 says:

    You do know that ison was destroyed by the sun right??

  20. Brian Stusalitus says:

    Paul Gilbert has excellent research, thank you Paul.?

  21. chris fortin says:

    It’s even brighter now…?

  22. JMDinOKC says:

    Oh, so THAT’S why the government shut down. It wasn’t pigheaded Republican
    Obama-haters, it was NASA cleverly manipulating the gov so that we wouldn’t
    know about the coming planetary catastrophe. So now a whole new crop of
    Chicken Little conspiracy-theory cabbageheads can start squawking “The sky
    is falling! The sky is falling!” conveniently ignoring the obvious truth
    that anthropologically modern humans have been around for at least
    100,000-200,000 years during which comets have traversed the inner solar
    system times too numerous to count and our ancestors lived in blissful
    ignorance of them because they didn’t know they were there, and guess what?
    All their problems were earthbound: Climate, disease, hunger, animal
    predators, and last and most, the ol’ faithful, man’s inhumanity to man:
    War and all the other ways that people can perpetrate violence on other
    people. In addition to which: NASA’s web presence is up and running and
    we’re getting excellent images of Comet ISON. You need to repeat the fifth
    grade and learn some history.?

  23. Nik H says:

    well maybe you are referring to the sun’s pole shift which happens every 11
    years and is due towards the end of this year, and like i said before IO
    one of jupiters 5 major moons is the most volcanic body in our solar
    system.. ison will not i repeat NOT cause any solar flares or any such
    thing .. my facts are sound and come from a long academic career in the
    field of astronomical interferometrics, what about your’s? you seem to have
    information here that the scientific community as a whole does not.. odd
    then that you are publishing your findings on you tube and not in
    scientifica america? ps i dont have a TV… so pop your tin foil hat back
    on so the nsa cant read your thoughts and stop scaring people with your
    nonsense.. ison will most likely be destroyed by the sun, if its not stop
    depriving people of a once in a lifetime opportunity to see something truly
    spectacular ?

  24. ren booth says:


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