Question by kool kat: ex-landlord is threatning to get us to courtroom?
my sister signed a university student home share deal in haste. She was the last college student to get in, acquired the worst offer for a box area. Roomates dont even know her title, are out all day and dont bother turning heating or electric power on all day. They use she pays. Its a prepaid meter.
I had ample so i asked her to transfer out. We stay in United kingdom
She place my title down as guarantor. But the actuel who offered her the room solid my signature. Its only a one page deal and her authorized advisor in college states its only a guarantor type and not a proper agreement.
Am anxious as landlord claims hes likely to go papers to his solicitor. He says he has been in organization for fifteen a long time and will stop up creating me pay complete three phrases and courtroom fees and damages.

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Answer by Will
He is striving to scare you with that 15 year stuff. If it truly is not a legal and binding contract and you can show the forgery. He has not acquired a leg to stand on. I might threaten with a counter go well with for the non legal deal and forgery.

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