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This is a correction from yesterday’s new, and a huge update on Prelaunch Australia. We now expose who is really behind the launch. Read it all: http://bit.l…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  1. alaa almukharriq says:

    Hi Adam, thanks for the video you made me buy the service. however i need
    your help mate. i received the keycode but i dont have any idea where to
    use this keycode or how to download the software. i have emailed them so
    many times but no response till now. can you help??

  2. MotherFudger99 says:

    People thinking its a scam, it isnt, it fucking awesome, i actually made
    96,735 coins in one day, and i can make about 50K a day, easy!?

  3. Joey Bull says:

    How do I find out my license key??

  4. BellumNonAequa says:


  5. Alfie Bennett says:

    Bought it just having problems login on wont let me even after the
    troubleshoot steps?

  6. Mike Kynaston says:


  7. Jang Griffin says:

    is this pf de gea?

  8. Jack Smith says:

    We have to pay monthly for the autobuyer right reply quick plz?

  9. aydeno says:

    Do you get the auto bidder with it as well and can you use them at the same

  10. Cohal Florin says:

    Is this safe? I mean no scamm? How i can get the program plz help me i
    wanna buy it?

  11. Hass Hassan says:

    check my channel for gold pack giveaway!!!! limited time offer :)?

  12. Cohal Florin says:

    Answer plz?

  13. Cohal Florin says:

    Is this autobuyer good? I mean ther is no scamm? Im about tobuy butim
    afraid to get scammed plz someone answer??

  14. TheLifeBowlers says:
  15. marcela vacarezza says:
  16. DownloadHaks A says:
  17. working2helpyou says:

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