Credit card debt is an example of unsecured consumer debt, accessed through credit cards. Debt results when a client of a credit card company purchases an item or service through the card…

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  1. Dp Dc says:

    but what if u need credit history??

  2. DEBT DIVORCE says:


  3. Stacy Serrano says:


  4. Zak Brownrigg says:

    I started leaving my house without debit or credit cards because I was
    spending too much on food and stuff I didnt need.

    Great way to save money.?

  5. doggy5 says:

    Good advice. My advice is to get credit cards only if you have the
    discipline not to use it to buy what you can’t afford. I always pay my
    credit cards off in full whenever the bill comes, so I never have to pay

  6. The Book Archive says:
  7. CeleronS1 says:

    Yep but that service is for everybody, but his advice is for people who
    want to get ahead.

  8. urb8t says:

    good advice.

  9. Truong Dnguyen says:

    One thing which conflicts to your advice that you own a large amount of
    Wells Fargo bank. So, credit card is one of ” your service” to make money ?

  10. Mrlethal117 says:

    He says – ‘You can make money by lending” he is not against the “service”,
    he is against the “use” of it by the general public. General public usually
    use credit card to buy luxury items.

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