Fox News left out some facts when describing the Legal Services Corporation in a story about opposition to Bush judicial nominee Michael Wallace.
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A completely legal way to get unlimited data on a smartphone from AT&T for only 10 dollars a month. *UPDATE 10/2013* THIS STILL WORKS How to cut down a sim c…
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  1. ishtar0171 says:

    Dude, come on! Everyone knows that Fox News is owned by a Republican and is
    basically just a mouth piece for the Republican party. Don’t expect them to
    be fair and unbiased. If you want real news, go to any other news station.

  2. 7774984 says:

    i can’t wait to see “outfoxed”…

  3. LiberalViewer says:

    Jabulon, like I told AwaisM, it may take me a little while to watch a video
    that’s more than an hour long, but I will respond. I saw the beginning,
    though, and, as a former criminal defense atty, I’m pretty sure there are a
    bunch of those tax protestors in prison. Thx 4 the comments

  4. LiberalViewer says:

    dramione, I’m a “political junkie” and I watch a lot of news shows every
    week. I got a TiVo more than 5 years ago and I graduated to recording many
    shows directly to my hard drive and burning them to DVDs. I got familiar
    with some video editing software and decided to experiment with YouTube,
    creating videos that comment on the news shows that I ALREADY watch.
    Basically, I was watching these shows anyway. Now, sometimes, I take notes.
    And I get practive with video editing. Thx for comment

  5. MatthiasFarland says:

    True, but left-leaning implies a more moderate viewpoint, while liberal is
    the more extreme.

  6. Jabulon88 says:

    and, its just another ‘pull in the right direction’. we must remember that
    they want power and glory, and when they have it, they just want more. its
    all about total domination. believe me. we need to fix this post haste!

  7. realestMC says:

    FOX would definatly charactarize Jesus as left leaning if he were alive
    today, he said that a rich man will pass into heaven as easily as a camel
    through the head of a needle, which evangelists forget readily

  8. sos00123 says:

    Good point – they would most likely call Jesus left-leaning.

  9. TheRagingLibertarian says:

    Fully accurate?Well that was not substantiated for certain. But “left
    leaning” suggests that the LCS is only slightly left of middle.FOX News
    does overly label, and the comment may have been inacurate. Could a
    Republican not also be “left leaning”?If so, then couldn’t the LCS board be
    “left leaning” as well?LiberalViewer has not shown that the LCS is not
    “left leaning”, therefore once again not making his point.Unless his point
    is that he himself is prejudiced against FOX News.

  10. LiberalViewer says:

    dramione, If you look thru my 17 videos, you’ll find a CBS clip, a video
    commenting on a PBS clip, and a video commenting on an ABC clip. I have one
    planned that contrasts Fox, CBS, and PBS. I do admit that after watching
    Fox News I am most likely to feel I have something to say (for obvious
    reasons). While some people say Fox bias is obvious, I’ve gotten many
    comments claiming otherwise (or, at least, that Fox is no more biased). &
    Fox does make that “fair & balanced” claim Thx 4 comment

  11. Awais Mahmood says:

    hey cooll, videos, u watch the video ” LOOSE CHANGE 1 + 2?” wats ur view on

  12. LiberalViewer says:

    FYI, One thing I left out of the video was the Fox News spin when they
    claim Michael Wallace wanted to “REFORM” the LSC. As I remember it, the GOP
    was pissed that the LSC was helping poor people sue the fed gov when the
    fed gov screwed over poor people. Instead of reforming the fed gov to stop
    it from screwing over poor people, the GOP wanted to “REFORM” the LSC to
    stop it from being able to sue th fed gov on behalf of the poor

  13. dramione85 says:

    no,i think you got me wrong,i’m not saying don’t make videos,it’s just i
    dunno,i already know fox news is bad and seeing more of it actually kinda
    sickens me,it’s incredible how this is the channel dick cheney is watching
    all the time

  14. LiberalViewer says:

    KCKenya, Thanks for the encouraging comment :-)

  15. Jabulon88 says:

    sure, this is how deep it goes. but big companies know this, and has
    lawyers to defend any small discrepency in the system, this is how the few
    control the many. with skills in the “game” of justice.. seems like the
    poor are those who get screwed the most. =/

  16. Michael Aronson says:

    Next on Fox News: why does the left-leaning Rebel Alliance seek to
    undermine the good will of the Galactic Empire?

  17. LiberalViewer says:

    DaCoach, I just happened to catch this quick, 2 second “Faux News” spin on
    the LSC because I worked a little with that group when I was in law school.
    It makes me wonder how often this kind of spin just flies by without my
    catching it. It’s even worse for viewers who watch Fox w/o actively looking
    for the spin. Thx for the comment :-)

  18. KCKenya says:

    I just want to thank you for putting these videos together. It importnat
    that someone point out the conservative bias in the media in order to smash
    the oh-so-over-used “liberal media” myth. Thanks and keep up the good work.
    Preach the word!

  19. merrykite says:

    yay LiberalViewer! excellent video! no!

  20. Jabulon88 says:

    well, as you know, they are so far ahead in the “big race” that they even
    have tricked us into paying them monthly sums of money. it makes me laugh..
    liberalviewer, take a look at this doc, and its just the tip of the
    mountain of evidence against these self-serving rulers. this may perhaps be
    the most important documentary ever, to stop these people;

  21. dramione85 says:

    haha,fox thinking jesus is left leaning,that was funny,but seriously,why
    are you so into fox news? i mean everyone knows they are just some bush
    propaganda machine that doesn’t even know the first thing about journalism
    and i’m not saying don’t atttack fox,i’m saying why waste all that energy
    on that?

  22. LiberalViewer says:

    7774984, Thx :-) I make these jokes mainly to amuse myself and sometimes I
    think they fall a little flat on video. I’m glad you got a laugh out of
    that one.

  23. mongobobo says:

    zephryus that was the perfect response.

  24. MatthiasFarland says:

    Are you kidding, with his anti-war, pro-tax, welfare statements, he’s a
    flaming liberal!

  25. Armando Paz says:

    Tried it didn’t work just wasted $67 dollar for nothing?

  26. Paul James says:

    Yes it still works I pay $5 a month in get unlimited data in its 4G I use
    my rooted LGG2?

  27. inviktus1018 says:

    does this still work??

  28. Robert Daniels says:

    This works with lots of smartphones, but I wouldn’t say ALL. I’ve used this
    method since I had the original Galaxy S, then got a S II, S III, Note, and
    finally Note II. None of them were ever detected as a smartphone. My wife
    just recently got a Galaxy Mega and after adding the data to her phone, the
    next day she gets a message that it detected it as a smartphone and changed
    the plan to the $30 3GB. I had to call them and make up a story to get it
    removed without a fight. My buddy also has a S II and after he tried it, he
    was detected shortly after. I’m guessing it only works on certain IMEIs and
    you just have to be unlucky to get detected.?

  29. Jason Lau says:

    Tried on Iphone 5… it shows 4G on the screen but doesn’t connect to the

  30. Artem Soloviev says:

    I use iPad mini, will this work on my iPad mini ??

  31. Brandon McNeely says:

    I have an Iphone 3gs I have atnt GO phone 50$ unlimited plan. I have had it
    for 3 years . I bought a cheap go phone and swithced out the SIm when I got
    the phone but Data never worked and still does not Work I tried APN
    settings as well andstill No data . I don’t think it works because I didn’t
    tell ATNT I was using an Iphone and they knew when I called them I was
    using one somehow. Any Idea’s??

  32. Su Zaire says:

    Sounds cool but why go through all of the trouble for 3G speed data? If the
    cost of the plan is $30 per month then maybe. Other than that go with
    Straight Talk ?

  33. Sam Sam D says:

    Great Info, However! will this work with the prepaid or go phone account?
    with the $50 unlimited plan? The other question is does AT&T have a way of
    locating a smartphone user by the IMEI number??

  34. otherwordstech says:


  35. Tk Price-Buffington says:

    I don’t know about all carriers but the one I worked for had a system that
    ran continuous audits. If a smartphone was detected on a SIM that had been
    associated with a non-smartphone the system would add a smartphone data
    plan to the acct automatically and take away the unlt data. Also, not all
    non-smartphone SIMs are going to fit in just any smartphone

  36. Preston Galvan says:

    Will this work with a 4G LTE phone?

  37. SonicB03L says:

    is this still working? and does this work for 4glte?

  38. Victor Bautista says:

    I have droid 3s unlocked for AT&T and I’m on the ten dollar unlimited plan
    message me if you want to buy one

  39. otherwordstech says:

    the sim card does have to be active though and you have to have some form
    of plan with AT&T for them to activate it.

  40. flowrpower says:

    does this still work’/?

  41. Maggie Corson says:

    Will this process work with a Sierra Wireless Lightning 305 AT&T GSM USB
    air card? the non smartphone sims still use 3G data sims right? Would I
    need to unlock the Sierra wireless and put the non smartphone sim in it?

  42. FloeyLIVE says:

    will it work for gophone ?an at&t blackberry torch ??? cuz i got the
    unlimited plan ($50) plus paid $25 for 1g of data but Apps/Emials dont work

  43. otherwordstech says:

    The best way to keep AT&T from finding out is to buy one of their basic
    phones, then swap the SIM cards yourself. They will think you are still
    using that same basic phone, even though you’re actually using your 4S.

  44. otherwordstech says:

    still open

  45. Ray Fudgin says:

    um, I tried this and it doesn’t work. even with my unlimited 30$ a month
    plan on my dumb phone, my rooted android still auto detects my non smart
    phone sim card. I dialed 611 and I HAVE to use it as I would with a
    smartphone. is there an app or anything I can do to get around that?

  46. otherwordstech says:

    1st: the audits won’t work if you haven’t changed your IMEI or SIM card
    number through AT&T. 2nd: Non-smartphone SIMs may not fit, yes, but cutting
    a SIM card down is a very easy task. I can provide you with a tutorial if
    you’d like. I’ve cut a regular sized SIM card down to both micro and nano

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