Free League of Legends RP cards(Plus Proof)

Hey what’s up guys! If you get offended easily by words please be aware this video contains a lot of curse words. Any who! All you have to do is subscribe to…
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  1. RK TV tm says:

    giving away level 30 acc am tired of league sum name lhk69 pass daneil69 ?

  2. redmer verwei says:

    this video was uploaded 2 years ago and u guys still ask for the rp

  3. SeverusHD says:

    Guys I’m doing a League of Legends riot points give away! Come to my
    channel to check it out.?

  4. ThePharaoh says:

    I just entered to win a FREE Pax Sivir Enter Here :

  5. Andrei YoLo says:

    summoner name: XxXDumn3zeuXxX
    Lvl 30
    Server EUNE
    BRONZE 1 xD yea i like your video , u was funny , man if u can give not
    matter a ugly skin a cool one to a suport one i dont care what skin is .. i
    just whant to see that work , u now we lose hope in all shit all evryday
    life not just in games i try make people happy dosent matter if im sad i
    try do my best make them happy is my duty, and if i see this thing works ,
    will help me in my duty, (you are not force to belive wht i say , or to
    read all, i play for fun and this are the games made for , thats why im
    bronze 1 xd love ya all people from this planet, will be one day u will see
    my name , in Hystory books 😀 cya)(ps. what i say i say because i need to
    say i fell it, dosent have porpose sory my english)?

  6. Rishav Mukherjee says:

    user: ImReallyeZBruh
    Level: 25
    Server: NA?

  7. TheZanyPl0t says:

    User: coolguyzain2002
    Sum name: KnightPower2002
    level: 15?

  8. - Phil - says:

    Im giving my account? Still hast about 8k RP on it! Lvl 30 plat 3.
    Username: Youjustgot
    Password: trolledyou
    Summoner Name: idiot?

  9. ludvigs zeltinsh says:

    ludvigs083 lvl 30 acc ludvigs083?

  10. Benni Bertlin says:

    summoner name DUMLEMIX25
    server EUNE
    bronze V?

  11. Nuka Cola says:

    Summer name toxicsharpshot would really like to for new skins?

  12. david simic says:

    ussername BlackBolt10
    Server eu nordic & east
    pls i need rp give me plss ty?

  13. Stefan Georgiev says:


  14. Cemdoes everything says:

    Name: HighlyBlessed
    Server: Eune
    Division: Diamond V
    I need RP!!!!!!!!! 😀 joking I dont?

  15. Regina J says:

    Nick- Karzigys674
    lvl 30
    Region: EUW
    I subsribe u and i like rlly much your videos :))) Plzz i very need skin
    :'( Rlly please :'( TY – For lising :)?

  16. Nooa Lehtonen says:

    username NUUIZ12.Server eune.?

  17. Supremeo Blasting says:

    Summoner Name: CatalystgamingDK
    LvL 30
    Server EUW?

  18. King For Sweden says:

    Nice Vid Summoner name : fredric123 server Eune?

  19. derpcile tamm says:

    summoner name : IdiootneRakk lvl 27 server:EUNE?

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