I am not concered with legal or lawful here….i merely state facts and then ask some questions….. If you can help answer some of them, then please chip in.
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  1. Daniel Jones says:

    I don’t think it’s any kind of hoax, they are making a living from
    information, people have to make a living. I was watching one of these
    crime action programs and a drunk abusive man was arrested for failing to
    provide a specimen of breath, he refused to give hs details so they put him
    in a cell. At the enf of the program they give a summary of what hppened to
    the people who were dealt with, fines bans etc. They told us that this man
    was released after 20 hours for legal reasons.

  2. NOsurrender jadewin says:

    No, we have a Bill of Rights (1688/9) and Constitution !…

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