Free Nintendo eShop Prepaid Cards!!!!

These are the prepaid cards NUMBERS!!!! #1-7097117415877749 #2-3868688261545290 #3-2659165926524582 SUSCRIBE PLZ!!!!! THANK YOU!!!
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  1. XMetaMewtwoX MK8 says:

    I need a $20 or $50 prepaid card for Scribblenauts Unlimited!!!1 pls i
    recommend to you give me a $50 prepaid card?

  2. Kitty Vlogs says:

    I need enough to get Tomadachi life. My mom lost her job and she got
    divorced so now we don’t have hardly any money to buy anything and I wanted
    to surprise a friend. ?

  3. mattmark wooz says:


  4. GeekyNinjaGamer says:

    can you give me a code i need pokebank pass?

  5. devontae johnson says:

    I need a $50 eshop card can you share a code or two with me bro ??

  6. moshi moshling fan says:

    $50 Coke for my many gAme please…

  7. Lionny Godoy says:

    Me ?

  8. Theandroidreviewer says:

    It says error!!!?

  9. Jason Callaway says:

    Can you give me a $50 doller code please to Nintendo eshop?

  10. scheyanne canida says:

    I need 40 dollars for link between worlds its the only game I want. Plz?

  11. Fergus halligan says:

    class video man!!!!?

  12. Jamie Maxwell says:

    does it not work for other people it doesn’t for me please help?

  13. TuGamerFavorito says:

    Please 50$ nintaltutoriales.nintaldens or nintaldens.nintaltutoriales or
    tugamerfavorito on Skype.
    Thanks! :D?

  14. Bryanpig123 says:

    Please can someone give me just a $10 prepaid card for wii u plz I need it?

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