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  1. williewonkax5 says:

    Does this work with nintendo 3ds? I know I’m late as hell lol?

  2. chaossoulreaper says:

    hi im using simple mobile 1gb 4g. will it work or used up data.?

  3. dreamoutloud 103 says:

    it only last for so long then it ask you to upgrade to pay for it?

  4. 13x60 says:

    You seem to be a genius.?

  5. Frost Angeles says:

    He buddy dose it come out in ur bill u do pay also I have unlimited web
    just wana if its gona come out in my bill haha?

  6. Darkness157 says:

    This credential crap is really pissing me off -___-?

  7. Damar Beckwith says:

    Will it be unlimited for T-Mobile prepaid phones??

  8. Bobby8451 says:

    I have the straight talk S3 which doesn’t have the wifi hotspot option,
    I’ve tried all these apps such as this one and nothing its hopeless. When I
    install custom roms they all that option BUT I cannot use my data so if I
    maybe can figure out where in the system this tethering is writtin then I
    will copy and paste that and over to my stock rom and overwrite the one in
    my stock rom. Fun fun?

  9. PRADEEP KUMAR says:

    Really superb!!!good
    One more doubt how to connect or create hotspot from PC to mobile and lappy

  10. Rj Miller says:

    Hey guys there is a way to get. Pda net plus full version with no limits
    free just go to this link click on the
    description and I am goin to warn you there is a survey just fill it out
    with fake info and download the file then just follow the instructions
    after you extract it?

  11. omar torres says:

    I turned on the hot spot with my phone(gs4) and tried connecting with my
    mom’s phone and the wifi does not appear. Plus I get a notification on
    phone that I need to upgrade my rate plan. Please help?

  12. corey h says:

    Do I need to have a unlimited data plan for this to actually be of use? Or
    does it not use data at all??? Please reply! ?

  13. Dylan Harmon says:

    So if I have unlimited mobile data then this should work right??

  14. Kevin Figueroa says:

    will foxfi use up my data because i have 500mb for verizon if i use it to
    connect to my ipod and laptop?

  15. pety w says:


  16. alawabidingcitizen says:

    When activating, it automatically starts the built in T-mobile hot spot app
    on Galaxy Note II, therefore it’s using your data tethering allowance.?

  17. Breylen Barnwell says:

    Dose it have a certain usage limit

  18. Mat Guerra says:

    i have a rooted htc one max with Verizon with unlimited data,it works but
    shuts off after like 5 -10 minutes and wants me to purchase pull version
    for 7.99 is their a way i can get full Verizon free??

  19. Debbie Robinson says:

    You are VERY smart for being so young and well spoken, better then most
    adults…Keep up the great work.?

  20. Alicia Almendarez says:

    Is it just me or does he sounds like just bieber a lil (younger bieber) ?

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