Hey guys. Today im giving away 2 free 60-day pre-paid game cards but you have to be subscribed and you have to like and leave a comment in this video!
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  1. Phobiacide says:

    Been subbed <3

  2. Moondogz The real 1 says:

    hey man love your intro its awsome 😀

  3. Why2ShyPC says:

    Done :)

  4. Pontus Svensson says:

    Done, told my friends to subscribe and also linked it on social medias!

  5. Fabulous_Ferby says:

    yo dawg what up wish we could do shit together sometime haha keep it up

  6. Jacob Hamby says:

    Ok il send you my id

  7. SupraRage says:

    Been subbed for a while man love your vids. I quit playing WoW a while ago
    but ive been thinking of getting back into it. I have heard a lot of good
    things about the newest expansion so it would be cool to get back into it.
    If you ever need a leveling partner or anything im always down for
    something like that i love leveling new toons. Anyways keep up the vids man

  8. Ashton Bieber says:

    new sub and just watched a bunch of your vids, good shit!

  9. LANpartygaming7114 says:


  10. RogelioakaBullet says:

    That be nice wouldn’t have to spend money for the game next month :)

  11. Th3ArT0fWaR says:

    hey superloki! I love your intro 😀 I hope I get the game card! + if ya
    want to do anything in game later for a vid or anything just hit me up im
    down to help! I got boomy full pvp gear and hpally!

  12. Fabulous_Ferby says:

    ya im talking about bgs 😛 or world pvp

  13. Jacob Hamby says:

    Alright. Il keep you in mind!

  14. Jacob Hamby says:

    You all have to sub also

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